TIA Elects New Board Members

The Telecommunications Industry Associations (TIA) board of directors earlier this week elected eight new board members. The new board members are Michael Thurk, group vice president of enterprise for Avaya; Charlie Fox, general manager of Tyco; Carlos Munoz, CEO of Cam Communications Inc.; and Alexis Scott, executive vice president of Lexcom Telecommunications Company. Michael Glickman, […]

BellSouth Prevails in Conflict over Internet Obligations

In a victory for BellSouth Corp., the FCC has ruled that state regulators cannot require incumbent phone companies to provide high-speed Internet access to a customer over the same network that a rival uses to provide voice services. In an order released Friday, the FCC said the state rulings are inconsistent with federal rules and […]

Goodbye Powell, Hello Martin

The man who challenged outgoing FCC Chairman Michael Powell in a controversial vote over wholesale phone rules in 2003 is taking his place. President Bush announced today his plans to designate FCC Commissioner Kevin Martin as the agency’s chief. Powell, who has served on the commission since 1997, pledged his “complete cooperation to ensure a […]

FCC Chairman to Join Aspen Institute

Outgoing FCC Chairman Michael Powell will join the Aspen Institute as a senior fellow for three months, the Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit group announced Friday. Powell, who is leaving the FCC after having served on the commission since 1997, will advise the Aspen Institute Communications and Society Program on leadership, communications policy and program activities and […]

Round Table

  …ON THE RESIGNATION OF FCC CHAIRMAN MICHAEL POWELL. “Chairman Powell’s tenure at the FCC has not resulted in a better deal for America’s telecommunications consumers. Regulatory uncertainty under Powell’s watch has created ideal conditions for a ‘perfect storm’ of endless litigation that has set back the development of a 21st century telecommunications policy by […]

Round Table

… ON AN FCC RULING DECLARING INTERNET PHONE SERVICE OFFERED BY VONAGE HOLDINGS CORP. IS NOT SUBJECT TO TRADITIONAL STATE TELECOMMUNICATIONS REGULATIONS. “I strongly support the FCC’s decision to exempt Internet telephony from state regulation. VoIP services offer innovative new ways for consumers to communicate, and blur the traditional distinctions between intra- and interstate telephone […]

Round Table

… ON TEMPORARY NETWORK UNBUNDLING RULES THE FCC RELEASED, FREEZING FOR SIX MONTHS WHOLESALE RATES COMPETITORS PAY THE BIGGEST LOCAL PHONE COMPANIES FOR ACCESS TO THEIR NETWORKS. “Even beyond the fact that the FCC has readopted the same rules this court vacated, the FCC has not come close to conforming its interim rules to this […]

Ask The Expert – Gain Interest From Colos

Dear Expert Eye, I recently established an LLC to represent a colocation facilites group. I have contacted many CIOs in the Midwest market and have found it difficult to gain their interest even though they have or need colocation. Should I be contacting a different title/position? Also, in an effort to establish sales agents for […]

Round Table

ON RECOMMENDATIONS BY THE NATIONAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND INFORMATION ADMINISTRATION, THE PRINCIPAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS ADVISOR TO PRESIDENT BUSH, TO BETTER MANAGE SPECTRUM IN THE 21ST CENTURY. “The President recognizes the critical need of a sound spectrum policy. Consistent direction and rational planning will be a tremendous asset to the wireless industry.” - CTIA president and CEO Steve Largent […]

Ask The Expert

Dear Expert Eye, What does the loss of UNE-P mean for agents? How are we affected by the recent regulatory changes, and what do we need to do to avoid losing business? –Anonymous Dear Anonymous, The recent wave of regulatory changes regarding UNE-P resale is already having profound implications for both service providers and agents. […]

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