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FCC: U.S. Wireless Competition Seriously Endangered

If you thought the U.S. wireless industry was competitive, the Julius Genachowski-led FCC says, think again. For the first time in seven years, the agency has concluded that mobile competition in America is, as Commissioner Michael Copps put it, seriously endangered by consolidation. Several carriers since 2003 have gone through intense M&A, among them AT&T […]

Obama: No One Better to Head FCC Than Genachowski

Making good on weeks of rumors, President Barack Obama on Tuesday nominated a former Harvard Law classmate as the new FCC chairman. Julius Genachowski still faces Senate confirmation; those proceedings could be put off for a while, however, depending on when Congress has time outside of debates surrounding the economy, the Iraq War, and health […]

Copps Out to Restore FCC Morale, Public Image

Much as Barack Obama has been doing with George W. Bush policies, FCC Acting Chairman Michael Copps is reversing his predecessor’s rules that obstructed transparency and communication internally and externally. Former Chairman Kevin Martin came under fire for imposing inexplicably stringent requirements regarding communication among bureaus and employees and, in the process, demoralized staff throughout […]

Copps Appointed FCCs Interim Chairman

President Barack Obama late Thursday afternoon named Michael Copps the acting head of the FCC. The agency has been without a chairman since Jan. 21, Republican Kevin Martin’s last day. Copps has served on the FCC commission since 2001. He’ll lead the agency until Obama’s choice for permanent FCC head — reported to be Julius […]

FCC Looks for Balance in Net Neutrality Debate

FCC Commissioner Michael Copps said this week, during a debate on net neutrality hosted by VON TV, that the time has come at the FCC for a specific and enforceable principal on non-discrimination regarding network management and he re-affirmed the commissions position on establishing case-by-case adjudication in the matter of net neutrality. He said this […]

Web Exclusive: Cable Cap Controversy

Now that the FCC has placed a 30 percent cap on cables market share, expect to see the matter go to court again. Thats because this isnt the first time the agency has capped cable. In 1992, Congress passed the Cable Act. The idea was to promote competition in so-called multichannel video programming. Part of […]

FCC to Cable: Put a Cap On It

The FCC on Tuesday voted to once again cap the growth of cable companies that reach 30 percent market share. A federal appeals court in 2001 overturned the FCCs previous cable cap and Republican commissioner Robert McDowell predicted Tuesdays order also will be upended. The National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA) agreed. We are confident […]

FCC Agrees to Forbearance Review as Verizon Vote Looms

The FCC on Nov. 30 said it will examine whether the forbearance petition process needs new rules. The notice came just days before the agency is slated to vote on Verizon Communications Inc.s request for sweeping regulatory relief in six northeastern markets. That Dec. 5 decision is crucial for several reasons. For one thing, it […]

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