T-Mobile USA to Butt Heads With NLRB Over Union Complaints

The NLRB has consolidated cases filed against T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS in complaints that allege the mobile-phone giant has unlawfully discharged workers who engaged in union practices and issued rules for employees that are overbroad and discriminatory.

Sprint Hints at Potential Merger With T-Mobile

The same week that T-Mobile USA’s chief financial officer called a potential Sprint-T-Mo merger "the logical ultimate combination," a Sprint exec hinted at the same on Thursday.

T-Mobile Future Hinges on iPhone, ‘Uncarrier’ Strategy

T-Mobile said it lost almost 200,000 contract customers (net) last quarter. That was better than the half-million it lost in the previous quarter and a year ago. Churn fell to 1.9 percent the carrier’s best mark since Q2 2008.

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