Four Steps to Moneyball Philanthropy

The idea of using metrics to judge value isnt new to philanthropy, but moneyball philanthropy suggests we have been measuring the wrong things.

Check & Balance

Today, every landline and wireless facilities carrier is both a buyer and a supplier of telecommunications facilities. Telecom companies are organized to deliver services to their customers. As a result, they tend to concentrate their investments and expertise on the supplier side of the equation. The industry generally has responded in kind. There are several […]

Balancing Act

Contact centers today are all about empowering agents, investing in their skill development and reducing escalating attrition. Yet, most companies still overly rely upon “the old ways” involving hard technical metrics that emphasize speed and quantity to track and manage agent performance. It has become all too easy to judge those agents who have the […]

Standard Practice

Posted: 1/2002 Standard Practice FCC Aims to Raise Bar on Incumbents Wholesale Provisioning Performance By Kim Sunderland  Another regulatory phase in the endless saga of local telephone market competition is under way on the federal level. Telecommunications regulators want to set national rules for the incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs) that would bring them to […]

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