Partner Channel – NEWS BRIEFS

Posted: 09/2001 Partner Channel NEWS BRIEFS * GTC Telecom Corp. ( has stepped up recruitment for its sales affiliate program. It offers residual commissions to affiliates for the life of the customer, at a rate of 10 percent of the agent’s monthly account revenue. GTC says it plans to expand its sales and marketing programs, […]

Business News – Call Sciences Acquires Vocal Link

Posted: 06/2001 Business News Call Sciences Acquires Vocal Link By Fred Dawson In another sign that the pieces are coming together to make unified communications a potent component of agent and reseller product portfolios, Call Sciences Inc. ( has acquired Vocal Link Inc. ( to create a one-stop source for a wide range of integrated […]

Service on a Portal

Posted: 01/2001 Service on a Portal Web-user Interface Enables Enhanced Communications By Khali Henderson Communications portal. What does that mean? If you think of Internet telephony service providers such as Net2Phone Inc. ( and (, you’d be right–at least under the strictest definition. Certainly by now, Webster’s wordsmiths would have added a few more […]

The Man Who Knows Too Much

Posted: 08/2000 CASP Powered Carriers Plug Into Private-Branded Enhanced Services By Khali Henderson Communications services–the enhanced IP-based ones–have not escaped the widening grip of the emerging hosted applications delivery model. Communications ASPs, or CASPs, are springing up to deliver specialty applications, such as voice mail, e-mail and conferencing, on a subscription or per-use basis.While these […]

Unifying Services, Disintegrating Supply

Posted: 07/2000 Unifying Services, Disintegrating Supply By Mona Johnson he convergence of mobile, IP and IN technologies is enabling sophisticated unified communications services to be developed and brought to market under the emerging service delivery chain, wherein network operators and applications providers may not be the same company.The decoupling of the service provider and the […]

On the Fax Track

Posted: 06/2000 On the Fax Track Enhanced Faxing Anchor Leg in Unified Messaging Race By James R. Dukart One analyst calls them the “Rodney Dangerfields of Wall Street.”Fax services companies get little or no respect on Wall Street as financial analysts are convinced e-mail will overtake them, says Peter Davidson, president of Davidson Consulting ( […]

The Pitch: Size Matters–With Self-Provisioning, Smaller Can Be Better

Posted: 05/2000 Size Matters– With Self-Provisioning, Smaller Can Be Better By Josh Martin While major long-distance carriers tout long-awaited services, they probably should keep an eye on independents. That is because some smaller carriers are attracting new customers as they forge strategic alliances and develop niche markets.Web-based self-provisioning is not evolving the way some analysts […]

Unified Messaging–

Posted: 03/2000 Unified Messaging– Technology Even Your Mother Will Love By James R. Dukart The simplest way to define UM is to say it’s about allowing multiple devices to access multiple message formats in multiple locations through various interfaces.y mother may not know it yet, but she’s on the leading edge of a communications revolution. […]

Moving Corporate Solutions Into the Cloud

Posted: 09/1999 Moving Corporate Solutions Into the Cloud By Pamela Thompson Enhanced services typically have been structured as independent service offerings by separate business units within a single service provider. In a PTT, for instance, it is common for the wireless, Internet and wireline providers to each have implemented their own enhanced services solutions. These […]


Posted: 01/1999 Unification: Messaging’s Mantra By Khali Henderson "The medium is the message." Marshall McCluhan’s sage words have been used to analyze the advent of every new communications medium from television to the Internet. With so many new media, however, the message to consumers only can be "confusion." Part of the challenge of today’s service […]

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