Alltel Plans to Buy Midwest Wireless

Rural wireless operator Alltel Corp. said today it will buy privately held Midwest Wireless Holdings Inc., gaining 400,000 customers in southern Minnesota, northern and eastern Iowa, and western Wisconsin. Alltel will pay $1.075 billion in cash for Midwest Wireless licenses, customers and network assets, which include 1.9 PCS spectrum. Alltels stock fell 11 cents on […]

Round Table

Posted: 9/2003 … ON SBC COMMUNICATIONS INC.S REQUEST FOR FEDERAL AUTHORITY TO PROVIDE LONG-DISTANCE SERVICES IN ILLINOIS, INDIANA, OHIO AND WISCONSIN The networks are open. The local markets are open. Its time to be allowed in the long-distance business so we can compete on an equal footing. Dave Pacholczyk, spokesman, SBC SBC should have ensured […]

Wall Street to Reform Analyst Conflicts

Aiming to close one of the darkest chapters in the history of Wall Street, federal and state regulators announced a $1.4 billion settlement agreement Friday with the largest brokerage firms to penalize them for bogus ratings and separate future research from investment banking opportunities. The agreement has not been finalized and requires the approval of […]

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