FCC Seeks Comments on Net Neutrality

Comments to the FCC are due June 15 regarding the agencys inquiry into net neutrality. Reply comments will be due a month later, on July 16. Commissioners in March agreed to investigate whether net neutrality is a problem. It especially wants to know whether anyone has specific examples of beneficial or harmful behavior. FCC

CLECs, COMPTEL Urge FCC to Dismiss Verizon Petition

Several companies and associations are urging the FCC to reject Verizon Communications Inc.s petition for regulatory relief in several of its Northeastern markets. Broadview Networks, Covad Communications Group, NuVox Communications and XO Communications are some of the competitive providers asking the FCC to dismiss Verizons petition. COMPTEL has filed similar comments. Among other arguments, opponents […]

Qwest, AT&T Seek Forbearance From Some Broadband Services Rules

Qwest Communications International Inc. and AT&T Inc. are asking the FCC for forbearance from having certain rules applied to their broadband services. Qwest said its request does not apply to the broadband services it offers as part of its Internet access service. AT&T said its appeal addresses its non-TDM broadband services offered by it and […]

Plan Filters Debuts Cell Phone Plan

Telecom agents now have a software tool to compare and optimize cell phone plans. Plan Filters Inc., a new company formed from software developers and telecom sales agents and a show sponsor, has introduced its Cell Plan Filter wireless quote tool. The solution lets agents enter information gathered from customer invoices and generate multiple quotes […]

Congress Weighs In On VoIP Regulation

In the debate over how to regulate the Internet-based phone market, Congress is jumping into the fray. The U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science & Transportation approved a bill this summer that generally would prevent states from regulating voice over the Internet applications, but amendments were added that would allow states to require Internet phone […]

Phone Plus Prepaid: Proposed Changes to Dial-Around Compensation, Universal Service Funding Could Impact Prepaid Providers

Posted: 3/2003 Proposed Changes to Dial-Around Compensation, Universal Service Funding Could Impact Prepaid Providers By Khali Henderson At the end of 2002, there was movement on two regulatory issues — dial-around compensation and universal service reform — that impact prepaid service providers. Unfortunately, the direction is contrary to prepaid providers’ interests, according to the International […]

ROUND TABLE: on Extending Bell Separate Affiliate Rules

Posted: 10/2002 Round Table … … on Extending Bell Separate Affiliate Rules … "[Separate affiliate] requirements should be extended for an additional three years beyond the date that the RBOC is authorized to provide in-region interLATA telecommunication services. This course of action is justified by evidence showing that the [RBOCs] continue to leverage their power […]

FCC Begins Reviewing Triennial Comments

Like sports fans taking sides before the game begins, incumbents and competitors lined up on opposite sides Wednesday with their filed comments relative to issues the Federal Communications Commission ( will consider during its Triennial Review of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. By law, the FCC is required every three years to review the act […]

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