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PHONE+ March 2007 To read the full March issue of PHONE+, click here. Sprint Meets Mobility Challenge: Application Enablement by Sprint   AireSpring’s Nationwide Local Offer Answers Agents’ S.O.S. by AireSpring   PHONE+ February 2007 To read the full February issue of PHONE+, click here. Sprint Leads 3G Rev. A Rollout by Sprint   Accelerate […]

Alive & Kickin

MORE THAN 100 EXHIBITORS and 2,500 attendees converged on the worlds largest Marriott Hotel in mid-October for the COMPTEL PLUS Convention + Expo to champion a new era in the competitive carrier community characterized by mergers and acquisitions and the introduction of new technologies. There has been a lot of consolidation, but we have a […]

21st Century Technology Meets Old-Fashioned Customer Value

Channel partners are on the front lines, helping American businesses large and small transition to the communications platform of the 21st century. As part of this Campaign for Convergence, partners need to rally around basic customer values support, service and savings. That’s the focus of the educational program at the upcoming Fall 2006 Channel Partners […]

RNKVoIP to Debut Product Said to Work With Cellular, Wireline

Wholesale provider RNKVoIP is getting ready to introduce VoIP2Go, a service the company said will make VoIP available to anyone, even subscribers without broadband. The private-label wholesaler said VoIP2Go will let users call from virtually any phone, including cellular and wireline devices, thanks to a proprietary online application it developed. RNKVoIP said VoIP2Go connects a […]

Barkley Meets the Press

Yesterday, Mike Saxby and I had a brush with fame during a pre-show meeting with former NBA pro Charles Barkley, the keynote speaker for this weeks Channel Partners Conference & Expo. Talk about larger than life. Sir Charles is just that, literally. When I asked him about his favorite gadgets, his special edition black Motorola […]

TCS: VoIP Verify Meets FCCs E911 Mandate

TeleCommunication Systems (TCS), which provides wireless data technologies to carriers, enterprise and government customers, today introduced its TCS VoIP Verify service. It gives VoIP subscribers through their operators the ability to dial a predefined number, such as “933,” from their VoIP phones to determine the availability and extent of emergency services coverage from the caller’s […]

USCarrier Telecom Introduces E-Max 1000

USCarrier Telecom LLC, a member of DDR Broadband Networks (Booth 721), introduces its new long-haul wholesale Ethernet service, E-Max 1000. This service will allow USCarrier’s customers to build Ethernet networks connecting multiple cities at speeds ranging from 1MB to 1,000MB in small bandwidth increments, says the company. USCarrier says its Ethernet service will allow these […]

CRM Meets Revenue Assurance

Posted: 2/2004 CRM Meets Revenue Assurance Introducing Customer Profitability Management By Khali Henderson Post-tech bust, communications providers understandably have been obsessed with revenue assurance. This discipline primarily has focused on accurate reconciliation of intercarrier billing and fraud prevention. It has progressed to include other strategies such as network inventory assessment and least-cost routing. Now, its […]

CRM Meets Revenue Assurance

Posted: 2/2004 1. Sales qualifies each request through a single interface, consolidated product catalog and required data fields. 2. The system determines who needs to be involved, what information to send them and synthesizes their input into a proposed solution. 3. Economic models are automatically populated with product, service, location, requested pricing and allowable pricing […]

Wi-Fi Meets VoIP

Posted: 1/2004 Wi-Fi Meets VoIP Connection Creates Opportunities for Channel Partners By Ben Guderian Wi-Fi technology is getting a lot of attention mostly in the consumer and public network areas. But, Wi-Fi WLAN networks also are being embraced in hospitals, retail stores, schools, factories and even general offices as ways to improve communication and lower […]

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