SLAs Need Teeth

Posted: 05/2002 SLAs Need Teeth By Peter H. Salus WE’VE ALL EXPERIENCED POOR NET CONNECTIVITY — ranging from no connection, to slow connection to static downloading. To improve the quality of our connection, and our ISP relations some providers have been offering service level agreements (SLAs). But, in fact there is no way of really proving […]

FCC Proposes 12 ILEC Measurements

Posted: 1/2002 FCC Proposes 12 ILEC MeasurementsPre-Ordering Measurement 1. OSS Pre-Order Interface Response Timeliness: Measures whether an incumbent’s pre-ordering systems provide reasonably prompt response times. Order Measurements 2. Order Notifier Timeliness: Measures the amount of time it takes an incumbent to send a notice either confirming whether an order placed by a competitor has been […]

Standard Practice

Posted: 1/2002 Standard Practice FCC Aims to Raise Bar on Incumbents Wholesale Provisioning Performance By Kim Sunderland  Another regulatory phase in the endless saga of local telephone market competition is under way on the federal level. Telecommunications regulators want to set national rules for the incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs) that would bring them to […]

Know Thine Enemy; Know Thyself

Posted: 08/1999 Know Thine Enemy; Know Thyself By Arik R. Johnson Benchmarking is best described, and explored, as a framework for competitive strategic planning. Once the areas of the company to be studied have been identified, metrics can be applied to the key success factors of the industry or marketplace. Everybody remembers when WorldCom Inc. […]

Know Thine Enemy

Posted: 11/1998 Know Thine Enemy Intelligence Techniques Arm Carriers Against Subscription Fraudsters By Mario McCash James Bauer, deputy assistant director for the U.S. Secret Service Office of Investigations, testified in April before a Congressional subcommittee that all kinds of important personal information stored in computers, including driver’s license and Social Security numbers, are accessible and […]

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