Verizon Business Introduces Collaboration Calculator

Verizon Business introduced Tuesday a new Collaboration Calculator, a tool that the company said will allow organizations to measure how well their members work together and gauge how to improve collaboration. The Web-based tool, developed by Frost & Sullivan, is designed to help large businesses and government agencies measure the effectiveness of existing collaborative initiatives […]

Calculating ROI for Converged IPNetworks

The business case for adopting converged IP networks has been elusive. With vendors and resellers touting benefits such as more efficient network management and better integration between voice and data applications, the ability to measure and qualify ROI for enterprise migration to an all-IP network has been difficult. Given the lack of data to support […]

partner channel: Do You Measure Up?

Posted: 3/2004 Do You Measure Up?By Khali Henderson Is your sales team compensated above or below other partners sales organizations? Are your competitive differentiators unique? How does your level of profitability compare to their competition? Are they growing faster than you are? How? Just what are the best practices for channel partners? Qwest Communications Inc.s […]

If I Had $1.7 Billion…

Posted: 2/2004 If I Had $1.7 Billion… By H. Russell Frisby Jr. Imagine for a moment you have more than $1.7 billion. What would you spend it on? If you were the Bell companies BellSouth Corp., SBC Communications Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc. you would collectively use the bulk of those funds to pay fines […]

Trading Desk: Master Agreement Needs a ‘Bit’ of Defining

Posted: 01/2001 Master Agreement Needs a ‘Bit’ of Defining By Bruce Christian For months now, the word has been that a standardized master bandwidth purchase and sale contract could be reached "any day." The trouble is, "any day" never seems to pass. The industrywide committee negotiating the agreement, led by the Competitive Telecommunications Association (CompTel, […]

Know Thine Enemy; Know Thyself

Posted: 08/1999 Know Thine Enemy; Know Thyself By Arik R. Johnson Benchmarking is best described, and explored, as a framework for competitive strategic planning. Once the areas of the company to be studied have been identified, metrics can be applied to the key success factors of the industry or marketplace. Everybody remembers when WorldCom Inc. […]

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