What is a Partner Worth?

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO I have often had a vacillating relationship with carriers. Mainly because while they like to call us “partners, it is not usually the case. We are inexpensive tools for their sales department. When you have sold millions of dollars of billing for a company, you would think there would be a […]

GlobalTouch Expands Reach With New Rate Centers

Wholesale VoIP provider GlobalTouch Telecom Inc. on Tuesday said it had added nearly 12,000 new international rate centers, including new phone numbers and LNP access, to its networks. The additions mean the companys SIPTalk customers now can offer DIDs and LNP in 46 of the lower 48 United States, as well as Hawaii, Canada, the […]

IP Changes Rules of Interconnect Game

SINCE INTERCONNECTION accounts for a large portion of expenses and revenue for traditional wholesale carriers, the game of keeping these systems up-to-date and reducing complexity is well-known and played often. But as voice margins decline, operators are looking to deploy IP data services, like interactive gaming, music and videos, making for more dynamic and complex […]

Why Rip & Replace?

VoIP is the hottest topic in premisesnetworking today, and justifiably so. It offers end-user businesses clear and tangible benefits, and offers resellers and integrators tremendous opportunities for designing, installing and maintaining new networks. But if VoIP is not implemented and managed properly, the cost savings may never materialize. Stranded investment in existing, functional telecommunications equipment […]

McLeodUSA Officers Resign

Service provider McLeodUSA Inc. said yesterday its CEO has resigned, but will remain on the board of directors. The CLEC Chris Davis resigned as of Aug. 12 amidst the companys restructuring efforts, but she will stay on as chairwoman of the board. Ken Burckhardt also stepped down last Friday from his positions as executive vice […]

IPOs Are Back

The competitive telecommunications industry has been shut out from the IPO market since 2000. Now, at least three telecom carriers have revealed plans in recent months to take their companies public. Cbeyond Communications, Eschelon Telecom Inc. and PAETEC Communications Inc. have filed proposed registration statements with the Securities and Exchange Commission for planned IPOs ranging […]

Negotiating: Discover Exactly What Your Sales Prospect Wants

Negotiation in sales can be a tricky process when salespeople dont know the true needs of their prospects. But the most successful sales and business professionals know how to ask questions that determine what their prospective clients really want. They use questions to open up communication and encourage prospects to share information. However, using questions […]

Slicing and Dicing the Buzzword: Convergence

Coming together. A combination. Cohesion. We all can come up with synonyms for “convergence,” but what does it really mean and how can you use it to sell advanced services for higher commissions? When people talk about communications convergence, they often mean service integration over IP. The most basic form is combining voice and data. […]

What Does VoIP Regulation Mean To You?

If youve been wondering what the impact of the FCCs deliberations on VoIP will mean to your business, this is the session you must attend. My hope is that the dialogue among the various representatives of VoIP providers and vendors will allow us to tease out the business-related aspects of the regulatory issues, says VoIP […]

CLEC Struggles Mean New Opportunities for Agents

With AT&T and Sprint essentially exiting traditional residential voice, channel partners have a new opportunity to work with new VoIP competitors, as well as RBOCs looking to win back customers lost to the CLECs, says Rob Wunder, vice president of marketing at VoIP service provider Sipmedia. People are literally just exiting the [residential voice] business […]

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