Verizon Segments Partner Program

One year after Verizon Communications Inc. announced the 2007 Verizon Solutions Partner Program, combining the former MCI and Verizon channels, the company plans to segment it into two parts one under Verizon Telecom and the other under Verizon Business. The bifurcation officially will begin on Jan. 1, 2008. Verizon Telecom includes consumer, SOHO and SMB […]

Verizon Partner Program Continues to Evolve

Just as partners digest the effects of the 2006 Verizon/MCI merger on the companys partner program, Verizon is rolling out a new segmentation of the program that will split partner business into two arenas. Announced in a Web conference with partners Wednesday, the program bifurcation officially will begin Jan. 1. Customers billing $250,000 per year, […]

AireSpring Expands National Local Footprint

AireSpring Inc. is expanding its national local footprint with the addition of 29 markets, bringing the total coverage to 125. The expansion is the result of the resellers new wholesale agreements with CLECs One Communications Inc. and McLeodUSA Inc. The McLeodUSA and One Communications facilities will add second- and third-tier markets, which we didnt have […]

Verizon 2007 Contract Contested

After nearly a year of talks with former MCI and Verizon agents, Verizon Solutions Partner Program (VSPP) executives in November unveiled the companys 2007 contract, which did little to quell the growing chorus of concern surrounding the combination of the two carriers agent programs following their merger. Former MCI agents (fMCI as they are known […]

People Then & Now

THEN: U.S. District Court Judge Harold H. Greene was just a few years past presiding over the antitrust suit that broke up the AT&T monopoly. The case was one of Greenes first after being named to the bench. NOW: Judge Greene, who stopped hearing cases in 1998 and died in 2000, always will be remembered […]

Roy A. Wilkens

THEN: Roy A. Wilkens was president of Williams Telecommunications Co. (WilTel) in 1987 and was beginning to be vindicated for his gutsy decision — as president of Williams Pipeline Co. — to use the company’s gas rights of way for fiber-optic telecommunications. The company would do a brisk business in wholesale capacity and would be […]

Bernie Ebbers

THEN: Bernie Ebbers was CEO for Mississippi-based long-distance reseller Long Distance Discount Service (LDDS), which in 1995 became WorldCom Inc. The companys legendary buying spree — 65 transactions since the company was created in 1983 including the $40 billion merger with MCI in 1997. In 1997, PHONE+ named him the most influential person in the […]

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