Net Neutrality: Whats a Business to Do?

By Carol Mattey AS BROADBAND PROVIDERS PURSUE the long and expensive process of upgrading their networks, they face another major challenge: convincing Wall Street that those investments will yield acceptable returns. In recent months, a number of broadband providers have suggested they might reserve bandwidth for their own content or charge content providers for preferred […]

1996 Telecom Act Turns 10: Reflections on the Old, Predictions for the New

Ten years ago today, President Clinton signed the Telecommunications Act of 1996, legislation intended to spur new models of competition and result in lower prices and more choices for consumers. And yet, if popular opinion is any gauge, the act failed to account for the onslaught of the Internet and broadband, as well as slow […]

Regulatory News – FCC Reviews SBC’s Project Pronto

Posted: 12/2000 FCC Reviews SBC’s Project Pronto By Kim Sunderland Competitive telecom carriers have prevailed in getting the FCC ( to reconsider aspects of SBC Communications Inc.’s ( separate affiliate for broadband, Project Pronto. In September, the commission approved changes in conditions set for the SBC-Ameritech merger. Those changes allow for SBC to deploy its Project […]

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