Salestream Software Releases VoIP Instant Quoting

Salestream Software Inc., makers of MasterStream channel management software, announced its COMPTEL show release of Instant Quoting for VoIP services within its MasterStream-RX telecom automation system for service providers and resellers. The release of VoIP Instant Quoting as a distinct category of service marks the sixth category of service available for MasterStream-RX licensees, allowing fully […]

TelcomBrokers Buys Master Agency from Salestream Founders

Telcombrokers recently purchased the assets of Tru Choice Communications, a master agency based in Corona, Calif., which was owned by the founders of Salestream Software, makers of MasterStream channel management software. Telcombrokers, a master agency based in Santa Ana, Calif., purchased all of Tru Choices customer and agent contracts on Dec. 21. This acquisition is […]

Telcombrokers Floats Franchise Model

As agent programs go, there are many variations on the theme, but one company is borrowing a model from the retail industry and creating a franchise option for agents. Telcombrokers, a Santa Ana, Calif.-based agency, has had an informal franchise model for several years with a few agents that otherwise would have been subagents. Now, […]

Salestream Automates Order Documents

Salestream Software Inc. (Booth 709), a provider of online sales force automation software for the telecom industry, announces the release of Order Document Automation for users of its MasterStream-MX agency automation platform. MasterStreams Order Document Automation (ODA) normalizes all carrier ordering document requirements into a uniform interface, without requiring the user to know the requirements […]

Agent Programs on Auto Pilot

What was once a handy online method of tracking orders and commissions is now a range of comprehensive platforms to manage the entire sales and back-office workflow and drive efficiencies from quote to close, commissions to bill auditing. Malibu, Calif.-based World Telecom Group finally moved from a piecemeal, in-house set of systems for online ordering […]

Salestream Launches MasterStream

Salestream Software Inc. (Booth 339), the provider of online sales force automation software for the telecom industry, today announced the release of MasterStream, providing total automation for telecom master agencies. Key MasterStream features include on-demand access to Salestreams robust Provider Assimilation System (PAS), allowing users to generate accurate quotes for telecom services based on actual […]

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