Companies Then & Now

THEN: Sherm Henderson was founder and CEO of Charter Network Inc., a long-distance reseller operating in the Ameritech region. In 1987, I was real happy to be a long-distance provider in five states, he recalls. NOW: Today, Henderson is CEO of Lightyear Network Solutions and chairman of COMPTEL. His company, formed in 1993 as UniDial, […]

John Marsch

THEN: John Marsch was CEO of TMC California, which was founded in 1982 and built the first digital microwave network to connect area businesses with fiber-optic technology. It provided service to more than 14,000 commercial customers and had 150 employees and seven offices throughout the state. His vision was to be one of the first […]

The Channel Bids Farewell to a Friend

There are some people that leave a lasting impression. John Marsch was one of those people. Standing at 6 feet, 4 inches and with a shock of white hair, he certainly was remarkable to all who saw him. But it was a captivating presence and entrepreneurial spirit in equal to his large stature for which […]

TMC Enjoys a "Rebirth"

Posted: 05/1998 TMC Enjoys a "Rebirth" Marsch Looks to Innovative Agent Program to Rekindle Success By Peter Meade When John Marsch decided to return to the telecommunications business, he started by surrounding himself with a core group of familiar faces. Indeed, if love is better the second time around, as the song goes, Marsch says […]

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