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Apple’s iPhone Blows Past RIM: Is Nokia Next?

Considering the fact that it seems you cant go anywhere these days without seeing an iPhone, its almost surprising that it took this long for Apple to overtake Research In Motion for second place in global smartphone sales.

Android Puts Beatdown on BlackBerry, iPhone

More and more consumers are jumping on the Android bandwagon, shunning iOS and BlackBerrys operating system to make it the most-purchased OS in the past six months in the U.S.

iPhone Chips Away at BlackBerrys U.S. Smartphone Lead

New data from Internet market researcher comScore shows that Apple’s iPhone made some gains in 2009’s fourth quarter against BlackBerry, the market share leader. RIM’s BlackBerry platform leads with a little less than 42 percent of the market. Apple is second, with more than 25 percent of smarphone users owning iPhones. That’s a 1 percent drop […]

iPhone 3G S Launch Comparatively Tepid

Smaller lines and less fuss than earlier launches characterized the debut of the iPhone 3G S on Friday. The sales process was by all accounts smooth, with no round-the-block lines and only a few reports of sell-outs, unlike the iPhone launches in 2007 and 2008, where camping out and a palpable euphoria were the norm. […]

Samsung Wants 20% Market Share: Launches ‘Jet’, New Omnias

Samsung, the No. 2 cell phone maker worldwide, wants to expand its market share to 20 percent despite the recession, on the back of new devices like the touchscreen Jet and four next-generation versions of the Omnia, all unveiled today. “Smartphones, touch phones and messaging phones – those are three major areas that we are […]

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