Pick-Your-Margin Plans

Agents make commissions. Resellers make margins. That’s generally true, but some service providers are blurring the lines, enabling agents to pick their margins. There are many approaches, but the general idea is offering agents the ability to choose the price they want to sell and, thus, how much margin they will make. A true resale […]

Vantage Communications Unveils Commission Plan

IP telephony provider Vantage Communications has unveiled its new Profit Booster Commission Plan for its channel partners. The Profit Booster program is an exclusive Vantage Solution Provider (VSP) commission program that guarantees 50 percent-plus profit margins when selling a complete Vantage IP (VIP) Service solution that includes Cisco hardware, SMARTnet service and VSP installation. In […]

Jan DeRobertis

Company Name: NBC Solutions Corp. How long have you been reading PHONE+?: About 15 years  Why do you read PHONE+?: It’s Informative, it gives me the inside scoop about my competitors. Where did you work in 1987?: Savin Corporation What was your title in 1987?: Sales Manager What do you remember most about 1987?: It […]

Add-On Applications

The most overlooked way to increase your bottom line recurring commission is to sell more managed services, such as email hosting, which can drive both wireless activations and wireline revenue. Gone are the days of banking on steady income from now commoditized broadband services. Also gone are the carrier-owned hosting facilities that proliferated during the […]

OnForce Launches MarketView Index

OnForce has launched MarketView Index, which is a real-time tool providing a comprehensive picture of the national, regional and local landscape of on-site IT services, the company said. The OnForce MarketView Index enables users to see a state-by-state view of vital statistics such as service provider coverage, most recent pricing and 90-day average pricing and […]

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