TAURUS (APRIL 20 – MAY 20) Theres a reason stock enthusiasts refer to the market as being a bull market when things are on the up and up. Taureans, the bulls of the zodiac, are known for self-indulgent greed and a penchant for material obsessions; and their desires for success drive them to situations and […]

Marconi Introduces Radio, Announces Partnership

Marconi Corp. plc at TELECOM 05 launched the AXR Access Radio for North America, a multiservice point-to-point, and point-to-multipoint fixed wireless radio for Ethernet, cellular and broadband backhaul. The company also announced a new partnership with Allot Communications, a provider of high-performance traffic management solutions. Marconi is showcasing its service router, an edge router designed […]

Collaborative: PRODUCT NEWS

Posted: 8/2003 PRODUCT NEWS IP UNITY UPGRADES AUDIO, WEB CONFERENCING PLATFORM IP Unity Corp. announces the release of IP Unity Conferencing 2.0 with advanced features that include integration with Microsoft Corp.’s Outlook application, conference recording/playback capabilities and outcall/invite functionality. IP Unity Conferencing Service offers a set of audio- and Web-conferencing features — available for both […]

In Box – Give Marconi His Due

Posted: 04/2001 In Box Give Marconi His Due In point of fact, Marconi invented the wireless telegraph (January PHONE+, Intellectual Capital. Although it was the first digital wireless system (binary dot-dash code), and a remarkable development, it was not what we call radio; Fessenden, deForest, Armstrong, and others built on Marconi’s work, using first amplitude, […]

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