Mapping Is Not the Way to Find Broadband Gaps

Theres $350 million set aside for broadband mapping in advance of the stimulus fund distributions. And theres plenty of controversy surrounding the mapping issue. But one communications economist wants the industry to take a breather and consider that mapping is not the best way to figure out where broadband is needed.

NEF Announces Consulting, Mapping Product Series

NEF Inc. has announced the launch of its data product series FiberLocator, which includes comprehensive reports, analysis and maps specific to the telecommunications and data center industries. Professionals can use NEF’s detailed reports and maps to identify high-capacity assets and carriers, compare pricing and network benefits, and to determine go/no-go on IT initiatives. The data […]

Intelliverse Provides Nomadic E911 Support

Intelliverse said Tuesday it has added nomadic support to its E911 offering for all VoIP subscribers. Service providers can now offer customers an expanded geographical footprint when using the E911 service. Nomadic E911 will answer every 911 call and route it to the appropriate public safety answering point (PSAP) regardless of the location they are […]

Where you at?

Everybody is talking about GPS and using GPS. ABI Research Inc. predicts that within five years, 335 million consumers in the United States and Canada will subscribe to GPS services and that by 2008, the market will be worth $22 billion. So, maybe its time you stopped talking about GPS and started selling it. Selling […]

Securing VoIP Relative to Number Mapping

During todays session Top Technologies for VoIP Security & Number Mapping, panelists will discuss the future of VoIP security and number mapping as well as what are the necessary regulations to ensure network and user security while enhancing VoIP growth and further integration in the marketplace. Panelist Tom Kershaw, vice president of Next Generation Networks […]

Le Vin, Le Beret, Le Laptop, Le Wi-Fi

The small mountain village of Gordes, France, has left the Dark Ages behind. The community, a magnet for actors and entertainers, now is as connected as any modern city, thanks to Firetide Inc. and the Ruralnet project. The Village of Gordes has been named one of the most beautiful villages of France and receives more […]

Mapping the New Long-Distance Landscape

At the end of 2003, there were 631 longdistance carriers in the United States that generated $86.3 billion in interexchange revenue, according to ATLANTIC-ACM’s new study “The New Long Distance Landscape 2004-2009: Sizing & Share.” Regulatory events throughout 2003 and this year are dramatically altering the long-distance landscape, however, and these carriers face a turbulent, […]

Wholesale Channel – Fiberloops’ Maps Shorten Cable Searches

Posted: 06/2001 Wholesale Channel Fiberloops’ Maps Shorten Cable Searches By Bruce Christian Resellers and other competitors looking to expand services have a new tool to help them locate where fiber is available.“CLECs go on a big witch hunt, because there never has been an easy way to find out,” says Dan Munson, part owner and […]

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