Carrier Channel: Managing Global Traffic Growth

Posted: 04/2000 Managing Global Traffic Growth By David West You may have heard the punch line: “We lose a little bit on every sale, but we hope to make it up in volume.”Unfortunately, many carriers manage their networks this way. They lose money on some of their traffic, as they hope their increasing volume will […]

Managing Post-Merger IT Integration

Posted: 01/2000 Managing Post-Merger IT Integration By Kevin Kohn Mergers, acquisitions and rapidly changing technologies have added to the complexity of doing business in a global economy. At an increasing rate, corporations are merging to achieve better economies of scale, increase their competitive position and improve customer service. However, these mergers do not come without […]

Managing Telecom’s Currency: The CDR

Posted: 09/1999 Managing Telecom’s Currency: The CDR By Byron Middendorf What do the dollar, yen, peso and call detail record (CDR) all have in common? They all are currencies. The currency of the telecom industry is the CDR, which is an accounting record produced by switches to track information about individual calls, including time, duration, […]

Managing Carrier-to-Carrier Costs

Posted: 07/1999 Managing Carrier-to-Carrier Costs By Faye F. Henris Carrier-to-carrier charges, commonly referred to as telco charges, include access, reciprocal compensation, collocation, unbundled network elements (UNEs) and other interconnection fees. This constitutes the largest operating expense faced by telecommunications providers. In fact, a typical telecommunications provider will spend 45 percent to 55 percent of its […]

People on the Move

Posted: 01/1998 People on the Move AVIRNEX Communications Group has appointed Geoff Mullins President of Southeast Asia and Managing Director of AVIRNEX Communications Australia, Pty., Ltd. Mullins has substantial experience in the communications industry, having served as director and chair of a number of both public and private corporations with Australian and international operations. The […]

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