PCCW Launches On-Demand Service Using Entone IPTV Products

Entone Technologies (Booth 526) announces that PCCW, operator of the worlds largest deployment of IPTV services, has selected Entone to support its deployment of on-demand service. PCCW is recognized globally for its deployment of the worlds largest IPTV service, now Broadband TV, which has attracted more than 441,000 subscribers since its launch approximately two years […]

CTO Forum Offers Info on Service Blending, Managing IP Networks

Tomorrows CTO Technology Forum focusing on the latest technological innovations in service integration and network architectures offers a wealth of speakers and information on a variety of issues. Workshop leader David Malfara, president and CEO of Remi Communications, will guide you through a slate of speakers who will discuss such hot topics as IMS, service […]

Telcordia Launches MVNO Services

OSS provider Telcordia Technologies Inc. has launched a new hosted MVNO product to help service providers offer prepaid wireless services without owning or managing a network. We are creating new business opportunities by eliminating barriers to entry and removing the burden of building and managing expensive and complex network infrastructure and applications, says Doug Patterson, […]

Living with Legacy

The transformation of traditional voice networks to next-generation networks has been taking place in various forms since the mid-1990s. When we think next-generation, we typically envision a transition from circuitswitched to packet-switched technologies, or from a legacy TDM network to an all- VoIP network. Today, nobody would doubt the VoIP evolution will continue and, ultimately, […]

From Drab to Glam, Agents Get a Makeover

Though some agents could use a consultation with a style guru, today’s makeover session is all business. Inspired by the then-new cable TV show, "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy," PAETEC CEO Arunas Chesonis proposed last September a panel that would train the scrutiny of channel experts on channel sales organizations in need of a […]

Take a Load Off!

Posted: 8/2003 Take a Load Off! A Review of Outsourced Billing Options By Edward J. Finegold Outsourced billing, once the domain of massive service bureaus, today offers more and increasingly flexible options. While there still is need for the high-volume, low-customization offering, others aim to address speed to market, cost management and partnership with service […]

Fraction of 2005 Debt to be Retired through Asset Sales, Says Expert

The telecommunications industry must pay back a mountain of debt in a few years despite all the bankruptcy restructurings. About $60 billion — one fifth of the industry’s $300 billion debt load — matures in 2005, said Ernst & Young Corporate Finance Managing Director Eric Carlson. Since 1999, 74 companies defaulted on more than $112 […]

Planning, Measuring, Managing Market Share

Posted: 01/2001 Planning, Measuring, Managing Market Share By Karen G. Strouse Understanding one’s market share, represented by the ratio between a company’s total sales and the total sales of its industry, can be elusive but essential. Monopoly, oligopoly, perfect competition and monopolistic competition are familiar market structures that can describe the market share characteristics of […]

Opcenter: Are You Ready for Virtual Distribution?

Posted: 06/2000 Are You Ready for Virtual Distribution? By James Olsen It’s no secret the rush to jump on the IP bandwagon fuels the unprecedented rate of change in today’s communications industry. Less obvious is the impact IP technology has in making distribution as virtual as the networks and services delivered. Subscribers want instant access […]

ExchangingThoughts onthe Exchange

IN-BOX Exchanging Thoughts on the ExchangeI was interested to read your recent article “Communications Breakdown” [in the Feb. 21 CompTel Daily on bandwidth exchanges]. You come to the same conclusion I did a year ago; all the proposed “exchanges” are not commodity exchanges at all.Your observations are mostly correct except that regulation is not necessary […]

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