Business News – DigitalSelect Aligns with Redback To Provide Wholesale DSL

Posted: 10/1999 DigitalSelect Aligns with Redback To Provide Wholesale DSL Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Redback Networks Inc. has announced that Washington-based DigitalSelect has purchased Redback’s Subscriber Management System (SMS) 1000 to provide wholesale digital subscriber line (DSL) services to smaller Internet service providers (ISPs) and resellers across the Southeast. DigitalSelect also will deploy SMS 1000s to roll […]

Business News – Actel Chooses Frontier for Network Services, Applications

Posted: 10/1999 Actel Chooses Frontier for Network Services, Applications Mobile, Ala.-based Actel Integrated Communications Inc. has awarded Rochester, N.Y.-based Frontier Communications, a division of Frontier Corp., a three-year, $7 million network applications agreement. Frontier is supplying Actel with network services, toll-free and calling card applications, providing Actel’s customers direct access to Frontier’s network, which has […]

Taming the Management Beast

Posted: 08/1999 Taming the Management Beast By Terry Robinson and Mike Marks Successfully integrating the systems that enable network service providers to provision and support their communications services and customers has never been easy–especially since 1984, when divestiture revolutionized the U.S. telecommunications industry. The arrival of long distance competition, of course, paid big dividends to […]

Business News – ADDS, MOVES & CHANGES

Posted: 08/1999 ADDS, MOVES & CHANGES Roy A. Wilkens Roy A. Wilkens has joined the board of directors for Williams Communications Group Inc., Tulsa, Okla. Wilkens, president and CEO of WilTel until it was acquired by LDDS Communications (now MCI WorldCom Inc.), will serve as an independent director and non-executive chairman of the board. Williams […]

Managing Carrier-to-Carrier Costs

Posted: 07/1999 Managing Carrier-to-Carrier Costs By Faye F. Henris Carrier-to-carrier charges, commonly referred to as telco charges, include access, reciprocal compensation, collocation, unbundled network elements (UNEs) and other interconnection fees. This constitutes the largest operating expense faced by telecommunications providers. In fact, a typical telecommunications provider will spend 45 percent to 55 percent of its […]

Selling High: The Equity Alternative

Posted: 06/1999 Selling High: The Equity Alternative By Bryan Mitchell and Salman Tajuddin As any telecom insider would tell you, telecommunications is a capital-intensive business. The ability to execute on a business plan is predicated not only on raising the appropriate amount of capital, but also on raising the appropriate type of capital from the […]

Automating the Supply Chain

Posted: 06/1999 Automating the Supply Chain By Keith Giarman and Naiel Kanno Competition in the communications industry is inspiring providers to find ways to deliver integrated, multidimensional services that are easy for customers to use. An example of one of these complex new services is integrated messaging, a nifty product that lets users access messages–such […]

Opcenter: The Ins and Outs of E-Mail Customer Care

Posted: 05/1999 The Ins & Outs of E-Mail Customer Care By Liz Montalbano Like other web-based marketers, telecom service providers are just begging for trouble. On their homepages an icon urges "Contact us," with a link to an e-mail address for subscribers–or potential subscribers–to send the company an inquiry or comment. But once an e-mail […]

Web-Based Wholesale Carrier Customer Network Management Systems

WEB-BASED WHOLESALE CARRIER CUSTOMER NETWORK MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Wholesale Carrier Web-Enabled CNMs Frontier UCommand IXC IXC Online MCI WorldCom Inc. Sprint Corp. Desktop Manager Williams Network  InSite Web Interface * Netscape 1998 3/98 2Q98 5/98 — * Explorer 1998 3/98 N 5/98 3/99 * Other — — *(1) — — Connectivity * Internet 1998 3/98 * […]

Wholesalers Give Resellers ‘Backstage Passes’

Posted: 04/1999 Wholesalers Give Resellers ‘Backstage Passes’ By Khali Henderson Forget front-row seats. Wholesale carriers are giving resellers increasing "behind-the-scenes" access to their operational support systems (OSSs) via the World Wide Web. While underlying carriers have long interfaced with their resale customers electronically to process batch orders and deliver call detail records (CDRs), their newer, […]

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