Telecoms Decision Makers Tell All, Reveal What Buyers Really Want

In todays session, Hear from the buyers youve been trying to see: A distinguished panel of telecoms most important decision makers, service provider higher-ups give advice on providing buyers with the services they really want. This invited panel, led by Citynet Wholesales vice president of sales and marketing, Tom Payne, will address how consolidation affects […]

FTC Issues Net Neutrality Report

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on Wednesday released several guiding principles for policy makers to follow when considering whether to institute net neutrality regulations. The usual suspects issued statements praising the Broadband Connectivity Competition Policy study, which recommended a hands-off approach to governing the Internet. The FTCs Internet Access Task Force said some broadband providers […]

Bundle Up! VoIP CPE/Services Ease SMB Sales

Service providers and gear makers are getting together to sell their VoIP services to SMBs in bundles through VARs. Want to find out how your agency can profit from these marketing matchups? Channel partners can now provide customers with a service and CPE solution that’s already interoperable and preconfigured. The idea is not exactly new, […]

Power of Suggestion

WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT WIRELESS services: retail, Web and operator come to mind. It doesnt seem like systems integrators and VARs would play a role in how businesses buy wireless, but thats not really true. According to business decision makers, channel partners do play a role, an important one, in wireless decision making. It seems […]

Phone Companies Ask Congress to Open Antitrust Probe

Nearly two dozen telecommunications providers on Friday asked Congress to open a probe investigating whether the country’s biggest local phone companies violated antitrust laws by plotting an enormous lobbying campaign with equipment makers to deregulate the market. “Indeed, this secret campaign appears to raise fundamental issues relating to antitrust law and specifically, whether it is […]

Chinese Companies Look Abroad

Over the last few years, tech giants, including the world’s largest telecommunications equipment makers, have aimed to establish or expand relationships in a country where the majority of people still don’t own a phone: China. Despite remarkable growth in a country that feeds about four times as many people — 1.3 billion mouths — as […]


Posted: 06/2002 MARGIN MAKERS VS. MARGIN BREAKERS A Rational Approach to Target Marketing Under UNE-P By Carey Roesel and Craig Neeld THE UNBUNDLED NETWORK elements platform (UNE-P) has been characterized as resale with twice the margin. If this is true, does it ever make sense to pursue pure resale? Are the strategies any different between […]

New Coalition Lobbies for Advanced Services

Posted: 06/1999 New Coalition Lobbies for Advanced Services By Kim Sunderland Advanced services mean big bucks for the local exchange competitors. They are expected to fuel triple-digit growth of the competitive local telecom market, propelling total industry revenue from nearly $10 billion now to more than $83 billion by 2001, according to a report by […]

Market Makers Push "Telecommodities"

Posted: 12/1998 Market Makers Push "Telecommodities" By Khali Henderson In a decade of "disintermediation," when vendors like Austin, Texas,-based Dell Computer have been praised and copied for eliminating distribution layers (and incremental costs) between them and their customers, the telecommunications services market has added a layer of middlemen. By bringing buyers and sellers together, these […]

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