Stevens Bill Gets a Makeover

Sen. Ted Stevens, chair of the Senate Commerce Committee, has made some key revisions to his telecom reform bill. The proposed legislation The Communications, Consumers Choice, and Broadband Deployment Act of 2006 has ballooned from its initial 135 to 151 pages, but still contains controversial net neutrality provisions or, rather, a lack thereof. Documents obtained […]

Executives Roundtable Shares Stories on Companies’ Extreme Makeovers

It may sound like a cable TV show, but Monday’s “Extreme Makeover” session showed COMPTEL PLUS attendees that competitors are nimble and can evolve their business models in the face of technological and regulatory changes. Joseph Sandri Jr., senior vice president, First Avenue Networks; Bill LaPerch, president and CEO, AboveNet; Bill Capraro, CEO, CIMCO Communications […]

Switched Voice Market Gets a Makeover

The U.S. long-distance industrys switched voice segment is undergoing a significant transformation. New or preferred technologies, regulatory developments and competitive pressures are conspiring factors collectively driving compounded shrinkage in excess of nine percent, nearly halving switched voice revenue by 2010 (see figure below). Beyond top-line shrinkage, however, is a reshuffling of market share within the […]

From Drab to Glam, Agents Get a Makeover

Though some agents could use a consultation with a style guru, today’s makeover session is all business. Inspired by the then-new cable TV show, "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy," PAETEC CEO Arunas Chesonis proposed last September a panel that would train the scrutiny of channel experts on channel sales organizations in need of a […]


Posted: 06/2002 411 OUTSOURCING GETS OVERDUE MAKEOVER By Khali Henderson THE MOST NOTICEABLE change to directory assistance (DA) over the last century has been the option of dialing 411 instead of 0. If the same were true of long-distance service, a 250-mile call still would be 40 cents per minute.DA’s arrested development may be ending […]

Industry’s Evolution Demands We Get a Makeover

Posted: 10/2000 Industry’s Evolution Demands We Get a Makeover We admit it. As quickly as the telecommunications industry changes and evolves with emerging technologies, the tendency as journalists is to cover it all. Throwing such a wide blanket of coverage on such a vast field can result in diluted quality.At PHONE+ we are not willing […]

The Phone Bill Gets a MAKEOVER

Posted: 12/1998 The Phone Bill Gets a MAKEOVER By Peter Meade Television talk-show guests are not the only ones getting major makeovers these days. The traditional monthly telephone bill, for decades an ugly duckling with not much to say other than "pay this amount," slowly is blossoming into an informative and attractive swan. Domestic long […]

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