Push 0+ for Profit

Posted: 08/1999 Push 0+ for Profit By Jay Lewis Many agents have overlooked selling operator services–a service that can still generate high commissions in the days of falling long distance rates. Operator services are not just for hotels and hospitals; they can be sold to more common business clients to whom agents already are selling […]

Niche Players Among First to Face Competition

Posted: 02/1998 By Casey Freymuth For decades critics have said that the United States doesn’t know what war means because it has never been invaded by armed forces of a foreign nation; that, with the exception of its own, brief civil war, blood has never been shed on American soil; and that, even though the […]

Major Carriers Ready as Internet Telephony Prepares to Soar

Posted: 10/1997 Major Carriers Ready as Internet Telephony Prepares to Soar By Gary Kim Only a small portion of today’s $71.2 billion of domestic U.S. long distance phone calls are made using Internet Protocol (IP) software. Quality and ease of use are clear problems, so far. So most observers don’t think IP-based telephony will be […]

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