Vendors Dish Up Unified Communications for Service Providers

Posted: 05/2001 Vendors Dish Up Unified Communications for Service Providers By Tara Seals Unified communications (UC) is finally causing a stir, expanding unified messaging’s voice mail, e-mail and fax consolidation into a bouillabaisse of voice and Internet convergence, attempting to integrate data and voice needs from every network, protocol, media and device into one central […]

Business News – Free Service Torch Continues to Burn

Posted: 08/2000 Free Service Torch Continues to Burn By Chris Garifo The free service model continues to grow beyond its ad-supported Internet access roots to include other IP-based services, including PC-to-PC and PC-to-phone long-distance, e-mail and unified messaging services. One company even has taken the strategy a step further and announced in June that it […]

The Man Who Knows Too Much

Posted: 08/2000 CASP Powered Carriers Plug Into Private-Branded Enhanced Services By Khali Henderson Communications services–the enhanced IP-based ones–have not escaped the widening grip of the emerging hosted applications delivery model. Communications ASPs, or CASPs, are springing up to deliver specialty applications, such as voice mail, e-mail and conferencing, on a subscription or per-use basis.While these […]


Posted: 01/1999 Unification: Messaging’s Mantra By Khali Henderson "The medium is the message." Marshall McCluhan’s sage words have been used to analyze the advent of every new communications medium from television to the Internet. With so many new media, however, the message to consumers only can be "confusion." Part of the challenge of today’s service […]

IN Bound

Posted: 10/1998 IN Bound With the other half of my carpool at home sick in bed, I spent the better part of two weeks staring into the brake lights of diesel trailers and other single-driver sedans as we made our way inbound on I-10 toward downtown Phoenix–home to PHONE+. While I have no complaints about […]

"The Check is in the Mail"

Posted: 05/1998 "The Check is in the Mail" Local Competition in New York By Andrew O. Isar Promises and reality are often miles apart. Despite the best of intentions (or lack thereof), promises have a nasty habit of not being met. When a promise is made by someone with a dubious record of keeping promises, […]


Posted: 09/1997 CHANNEL OVER CHURN The Way You Get Customers Says a Lot About Whether You’ll Keep Them By Dr. Judy Reed Smith No doubt you’ve been reading a lot about churn and how to curb it by improving service, adding products, meeting customer expectations, etc. New research from ATLANTIC-ACM suggests that you also should […]

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