Rise of the Machines

While the rest of the wireless industry is focused on personalization, social networking and connected business collaboration, a small group of MVNOs are definitely not people persons and theyre proud of it. KORE Telematics, Aeris Communications and others are interested in machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, and no, it has nothing to do with the social life […]

Harmonic Convergence

Harmonic Convergence With the hype machine cranked to max volume, businesses large and small are tuning into the promise of unified communications (UC) and how they might use this sleek new technology to put a presence-enabled portal on their desktops for click-to-call, click-to-conference, click-to-read your voice mail, click-to-Web cam, click-to you name it.

Its More Machine Than Man!

CELLULAR MACHINE-TO-MACHINE (M2M) communications are known for leveraging mobile networks for niche data applications, such as remote heart monitoring or road traffic management. But wireless dealers and VARs now can find applications for the socalled Internet of things in a wide range of business settings, and can source from a range of suppliers. Typical examples […]

TelePlus Launches Cell Distribution Method Using USI, VendNovation Technology

TelePlus Group Inc., a subsidiary of Texxon Inc., on Monday announced it has signed with vending machine manufacturer U-Select-It (USI) Corp. and vending software developer VendNovation to develop new telecommunications product/service distribution platforms for the travel market. The agreements allow TelePlus to provide vending machines and kiosks that contain its proprietary product/service at destination points […]

Premiere Global Demos PremiereAnywhere Solutions

Conferencing and communications provider Premiere Global Services Inc. at CTIA Wireless is demonstrating its recently released PremiereAnywhere solutions for people on the go. The main components are PrintAnywhere, an application that enables printing of e-mails and attachments from a mobile device to any fax machine, and ConferenceAnywhere, which allows users to conduct conference calls. PrintAnywhere […]

Voicecom Offers Fax Product Suite

Voicecom (Booth 623), a provider of call answering solutions for the business-to-business market, now is offering fax products. This suite, available through agents, includes FaxIN, an electronic mailbox that captures and directs incoming faxes to the subscriber’s e-mail account or makes them available for download to any fax machine; and Faxmit, a fax on demand […]

A Taxing Situation

Posted: 06/2000 A Taxing Situation IRS, State Collection Methods Become Clearer By Gary T. Rhodus While clarity is appearing in the application, there is a fundamental lack of appreciation for what the changes mean to the prepaid service provider. The service provider will be relieved of tax liability in only a few cases. More often […]

Long Distance – Telstra Places Cards in Airport Vending Machines

Posted: 06/2000 Telstra Places Cards in Airport Vending Machines Travelers to and from Australia now can buy calling cards at major airport terminals throughout the country.The first Travelex vending machine at Sydney Airport’s Qantas domestic terminal will provide Telstra Corp. Ltd. ( prepaid rechargeable calling cards that allow the cardholder to call from virtually any […]

IP Puts New Spin on Fax

Posted: 06/1999 IP Puts New Spin on Fax By Brandy Pfalmer Even with the introduction of e-mail and its fast acceptance into the marketplace, faxing continues to be the most widely accepted mechanism for transporting information, making up a large part of a company’s phone bill. In fact, a study by the Gallup Organization for […]

Plugging Into the VPN Money Machine

Posted: 10/1998 Plugging Into the VPN Money Machine User Survey Reveals Needs and Preferences By Jeff Wilson What did we do before all of our employees were attached to data networks, no matter where they were? Good question. To be honest, I don’t exactly remember what we did, but I know what we didn’t do. […]

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