Posted: 1/2004 NEWS BRIEFS Progress Telecom and EPIK Communications say they plan to merge, creating a larger wholesale carrier in the Southeast. Progress Energy, the parent company of Progress Telecom, will own 55 percent of the merged entity, the companies say. Telecom investment firm Odyssey Telecorp Inc., EPIKs parent company, will own the remaining interest. […]


Posted: 9/2003 DEERFIELD.COM UPGRADES E-MAIL RESPONSE SOLUTION announced the debut of VisNetic MailFlow Version 2.0, featuring a range of improvements that help manage inbound customer e-mail with ticket lifecycle tracking, new per-agent and global custom dictionaries, revamped reporting capabilities and more. The Web-based product enables an organization to automatically route, track and process inbound […]

Phone Plus Prepaid: By Design

Posted: 9/2003 By Design Prepaid Service Creation Inspires Profitability By Tara Seals Imagine a world where prepaid service providers can bring new, value-added services to market flexibly and rapidly regardless of the infrastructure used to deliver them and, while theyre at it, achieve a faster return on investment. In this utopia, Joe Prepaid Inc. can […]

Carrier Channel: The Incredible Shrinking Network

Posted: 9/2003 The Incredible Shrinking Network By Khali Henderson The idea of mapping IP onto SONET is not new, harkening back to 1999s introduction of next-generation SONET equipment. The rollout and adoption of products that allow providers to collapse their networks is gathering steam, particularly among incumbents with legacy SONET networks. For carriers, this means […]

Policy  Links

Posted: 2/2002 POLICY NEWS  Policy  Links Allegiance Telecom Inc. Arizona Corporation Commission The Association of Communications Enterprises AT&T Corp. AT&T of the Southern States BellSouth Corp. CityNet Telecommunications Inc. Competitive Telecommunications Association The Eastern Management Group Inc. Federal Communications Commission Lucent Technologies Inc. Michigan […]


Posted: 1/2002 Not Necessarily News Overhead… …at the Association of Local Telecommunications Services (ALTS) Business Conference in Washington discussing the Tauzin-Dingell bill (H.R. 1542), the Internet Freedom and Broadband De-ployment Act of 2001… "His name is John Dingell; it isn’t Tauzin-Dingell as many people tend to think. In fact, this is probably his biggest regret […]

E-Channel – Telezoo Signs Lucent, Nary A VAR in Sight

Posted: 04/2001 E-Channel Telezoo Signs Lucent, Nary A VAR in Sight By Becky Bracken n a move that some say signals the telecommunications industry’s growing confidence in B2B marketplaces’ ability to sell products and services cheaply and efficiently, Corp. ( has announced that it has become the first telecom e-marketplace to sign a top-tiered […]

Trading Desk: Attention Turns to Asia-Pacific Trading

Posted: 11/2000 Attention Turns to Asia-Pacific Trading By Khali Henderson International capacity trading has centered primarily in America and the United Kingdom with online exchanges setting up shop, logically, where a majority of international traffic converges: in London, Los Angeles and New York. With those PoPs up and running, exchanges are beginning to turn their […]

Carrier Channel: OTC Bandwidth Brokers Partner

Posted: 08/2000 News Briefs * AT&T Corp. ( will provide communications services to 7.5 million active duty, retired and reserve Army, Air Force and National Guard personnel and their families worldwide under a $700 million contract with the Army & Air Force Exchange Service. The contract, effective July 1, grants AT&T sole concession on Army […]

Business News – News Briefs

Posted: 07/2000 News Briefs Adesta, NC Telecom Plan High-Speed Network in ColoradoConstruction is expected to be completed this year on a nearly 100-mile digital fiber optic communications network designed and built by Omaha, Neb.-based Adesta Communications Inc. (, a subsidiary of Able Telcom Holding Corp.Northwest Colorado Telecom, which is owned by UBET Telecommunications of Roosevelt, […]

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