T-Mobile’s Hand Slapped for Anti-AT&T Ad Campaign

Calling the analysis "flawed," the NAD slammed T-Mobile, saying the evidence isn’t there to suggest that AT&T’s combined networks are slower and more congested than what T-Mobile offers.

AT&T Completes Verizon Spectrum Buy

The spectrum will allow AT&T to further deploy its 4G LTE network which will accommodate the increasing demand for mobile Internet services.

Sprint Extends LTE to New Markets

Sprint features a variety of 4G LTE devices, including the new HTC 8XT, Sprints first Windows Phone 8 device; the popular Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One.

Sprint’s Whopping $1.6 Billion Loss Is ‘Well-Timed Pain’

Sprint may be hemorrhaging customers and losing a lot of money, but so far it’s not having any impact on SoftBank, the Japan-based company that just bought more than two-thirds of America’s third-largest wireless operator for more than $20 billion.

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