TECHtionary Introduces VoIP Tutorials

Two new 90-second multimedia tutorials on business benefits of VoIP and how VoIP works are available for licensing by TECHtionary.com, which produces virtual or animated product/service tutorials, the company said Monday. TECHtionary.com tutorials are created for users and dealers of Broadsoft Inc., Sylantro Systems, NEC Corp., Avaya Inc. and other VoIP and softswitch providers, and are […]

JacobsRimell Introduces APS QuickStart

IP service fulfillment solutions provider JacobsRimell has released the latest of its Automated Provisioning System (APS), APS QuickStart. The APS QuickStart solution gives providers an automated and integrated platform for management of information and provision of services. The platform is specifically differentiated by its information architecture, which aggregates and normalizes information for multiservice delivery in […]

VoIP Vendors See the Light

IN THE EARLY DAYS OF ENTERPRISE VoIP, salespeople would arrive on the doorsteps of businesses like evangelists mounting the pulpit. VoIP, they preached, would be the salvation of every business owner, miraculously saving them money and outfitting them with business communication systems for the 21st century. Thanks, but no thanks, said many business owners, after […]

Network Insight Showcases Control Solution

San Diego-based Network Insight, a provider of network infrastructure and operations consulting and managed services for service providers, said on Monday at COMPTEL it now offers technology for implementing content control and shaping methods for service providers. The companys control solution includes: Consulting for service control Customized solutions for traffic monitoring Training for service providers […]

StarVox Buys NGTs International Wholesale Termination Business

New Global Telecom Inc. (NGT), a managed wholesale VoIP provider, said today it has finalized the sale of its international wholesale termination business unit to StarVox Communications Inc. StarVox is a facilities-based ASP offering wholesale and retail VoIP services. NGT says it wants to put all its focus on its outsourced network managed services, which […]

Eschelon Lowers IPO Share Prices

Eschelon Telecom Inc., a CLEC headquartered in Minneapolis, today set the price of its initial public offering at $14 per share. According to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, that price was lower than the originally expected $15-$17 range. Eschelon likely will close the offer on Aug. 9. Eschelon says a portion of […]

Will a Lower Profile Lead to Higher Profits?

Does everybody want to do wireless? At first glance, it seems that way. New wireless services are cropping up at some unusual venues, such as 7-Eleven convenience stores, and bearing non-telecom brand names such as Virgin and MTV. Having spun off its wireless unit in 2001, AT&T Corp. plans to get back into the wireless […]

It’s a Jump Ball!

Posted: 1/2003 It’s a Jump Ball! By Arunas A. Chesonis THE THRILL OF THE FAST-BREAK, the beauty of a three-point shot that hits "nothing but net," the power of a slam dunk and the discipline of a well played zone defense. Each of these basketball strategies could describe the dynamic situation of the telecommunications industry […]

Surviving in the New ‘Incremental Economy’

Posted: 12/2002 Surviving in the New ‘Incremental Economy’ THE RULES HAVE CHANGED FOR SUPPLIERS of IT products and services. With industry revenue growth constrained to the mid-single digits, new go-to-market strategies must replace those used during the previous period of hyper expansion. IT markets are entering a new era that Aberdeen Group Inc. has coined […]

Phone Plus Prepaid: Pardon Our Dust

Posted: 09/2002 Pardon Our Dust Prepaid Wireless Positioning Under Construction "CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?" The slogan for Verizon Wireless also could be an anthem for U.S. prepaid wireless service providers that are seeking to reposition pay-as-you-go voice and data for users other than those without bank accounts. The transformation is not as simple as […]

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