Securing Opportunities

Securing Opportunities The Internet has given us lots to love and lots to be concerned about. As more and more small and medium businesses begin to embrace VoIP, unified communications and other IP technologies that provide a competitive edge, theres an accompanying recognition that these companies also need resources for securing those communications beyond a […]

Subagents Gain Access to Telesis’ Order System

Telesis Management Corp. (Booth 519) subagents now have complete access to the company’s internal order management system, LOTS. Agents are able to track orders and service tickets, as well as view customers’ circuit inventory and billing history. LOTS also allows subagents to access all carrier Extranets through a single portal so agents can download company […]

Wholesale: Level 3 Tops $2 Billion in Dark Fiber Sales

Posted: 02/2001 Level 3 Tops $2 Billion in Dark Fiber Sales By Josh Long In a cash-parched market, Level 3 Communications Inc. (www.level3.com) complemented its $5 billion portfolio of available cash through year 2000 sales of dark fiber and related services valued at more than $2 billion. Last November, the carrier’s carrier announced dark fiber […]

Business News – Free Service Torch Continues to Burn

Posted: 08/2000 Free Service Torch Continues to Burn By Chris Garifo The free service model continues to grow beyond its ad-supported Internet access roots to include other IP-based services, including PC-to-PC and PC-to-phone long-distance, e-mail and unified messaging services. One company even has taken the strategy a step further and announced in June that it […]

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