ASCENT: 3PV Third Party Verification Reports Growth

3PV Third Party Verification (Booth 510) has grown its customer base by about 500 percent, internationally and domestically, while maintaining a 100 percent customer-retention rate. "We’re seeing the verification volumes increase dramatically month after month and that’s a very positive trend for the entire telecom industry," says Dale Combs, president of 3PV, claiming that the […]

E-Channel – Turn Your Web Storefront from Lost to Found

Posted: 12/2001 E-Channel Turn Your Web Storefront from Lost to Found By Fredrick Marckini Fredrick Marckini We all look for information on the Internet, but have you ever tried to find your own company’s web site using a search engine?Give it a try.Conduct a query using a term or phrase specifically related to your business. […]

Special Report: A Tribute to Fallen Friends

Posted: 11/2001 Special Report Restoring America’s Connections A Tribute to Fallen Friends General Telecom (GT) will never be the same. GT, with headquarters on the 83rd floor of One World Trade Center, lost 13 employees after a plane commandeered by terrorists crashed into the tower on Sept. 11, collapsing the 110-story building. That more lives […]

Stock Watch

Posted: 04/2001 Stock Watch No New Cuts? Cooling Economy Warms Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan told Congress, as our trading period ended (Feb. 16), that he expects the economy to recover from its current slump. The news worried investors that no new interest rate cuts are on the horizon. "Some people were disappointed that Greenspan […]

Stock Watch

Posted: 02/2001 Stock Watch Markets Shed Buoyancy Stocks tanked on the last day of our trading session (Dec. 15), as software giant Microsoft Corp. (www.microsoft.com) caused some jitters with an earnings warning. A report from the U.S. Department of Labor (www.dol.gov) indicated inflationary tendencies, which stoked fears that the late December Federal Reserve’s Open Market […]

Stock Watch

Posted: 12/2000 Stock Watch High Wholesale Prices Spark Inflation Fears Rising wholesale prices in September, boosted by high energy costs and continuing consumer demand, sent inflation fears spiraling, further fueling fears of interest rate hikes when the Federal Reserve meets again. The Labor Department’s Producer Price Index (PPI) rose 0.9 percent, after falling 0.2 percent […]

Recapturing Lost Value

Posted: 08/1999 Recapturing Lost Value By Casey Freymuth Industry forecasts rarely provide third-, fourth- and fifth-tier long distance service providers with much to smile about. Shrinking margins, bundling woes (such as anemic local and wireless resale markets) and the inevitable entry of the Bells into the long distance market have done little to lift the […]

Shrinkage, Not Just Slim Margins, in Profits’Way

Posted: 07/1999 Shrinkage, Not Just Slim Margins, in Profits’ Way By Mark Darrow Despite rumors to the contrary, the Telecommunications Act of 1996 actually has produced a richly competitive landscape. There literally are hundreds of competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs) in each incumbent LEC (ILEC) calling area. Business customers and individual consumers throughout the United […]


Posted: 02/1999 The PICC Lost Revenue for IXCs? By Thomas K. Crowe, Esq. Recovering the primary interexchange carrier charge (PICC) from end users is becoming increasingly problematic for interexchange carriers (IXCs). Since its adoption, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has struggled to put rules in place that permit IXCs to pass the charge through to […]

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