Out of the Loop

Out of the Loop The Bells are on course to do away with more copper loops than ever, an apparent rush to beat the clock in case the FCC institutes a stringent review process.

General Session Offers Whole Truth About VoIP

Todays general session, The Whole Truth About VoIP, will provide Channel Partners Conference & Expo attendees with a soup-to-nuts education on VoIP. Stephen Olejniczak, director of operations at ATI, will begin his presentation by talking about the evolution of VoIP legitimacy and how the technology began as a hobbyist tool to become integral in long-distance […]

PPL Telcom Creates Shadow Port Service

PPL Telcom, a Pennsylvania-based transport provider serving wholesale carriers and large enterprises, has added Shadow Port service to its IP product line. The company describes Shadow Port as an IP back-up technology that meets no-single-point-of-failure requirements. Typically, a company pays for connections to multiple entrances into the building, with two local loops and two physical […]

Bells Authorized to Increase Wholesale Rates on Business Lines

It should be a matter of simple math. But everybodys numbers dont always add up the same. The biggest local phone companies have submitted figures to the FCC that correspond to benchmarks the agency released in a December ruling. The benchmarks determine under what circumstances the local phone giants are freed from obligations to lease […]

Round Table

ROUNDTABLE… ON RULES THE FCC RELEASED FREEING THE BIGGEST LOCAL PHONE COMPANIES FROM OBLIGATIONS TO SHARE LOCAL LOOPS WITH COMPETITORS IF THEY BUILD A FIBER NETWORK WITHIN 500 FEET OF A HOME OR SMALL BUSINESS. “This relief was necessary to restore incentives to make substantial investments of capital, which come with no assurance of any […]

Round Table

ON WHETHER THE FCC SHOULD ISSUE PERMANENT RULES ALLOWING COMPETITIVE TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPANIES TO LEASE HIGHCAPACITY LOOPS FROM THE BIGGEST LOCAL PHONE COMPANIES AT GOVERNMENT-MANDATED UNE RATES. “The commission has long recognized that the market for high-capacity facilities and services is a source of mature competition in telecommunications markets, and that imposing an unbundling obligation on […]

UNE-R to the Rescue

While carriers lament the rising costs of UNE-L and transport as a result of the recent court overturning of wholesale unbundling rules, a new service is coming to the market that promises to help CLECs that rely on such facilities to support their networks. UNE-R, or Unbundled Network Element Replacement, is not a Bell service […]

Fight Moves to UNE-L

By The FCC rules have expired and CLECs worry the cost of providing businesses phone and data services may rise significantly, CompTel/ASCENT, the Washington D.C. trade group, warns in a study it released. CompTel/ASCENT released a study in late June claiming the demise of the federal rules could cost small and medium-sized businesses about $4.9 […]

Off to the Races

Posted: 3/2003 Off to the Races: Telecom Reacts to FCC Ruling By Tara Seals There was no dancing in the streets for competitive telecom providers when the FCC handed down the results of its Triennial Review in late February, but the mood was generally upbeat thanks to the upholding of UNE-P regulations. The incumbents, meanwhile, […]

FCC Won’t Complete Triennial Review This Month

The Federal Communications Commission will not complete its Triennial Review of the unbundled network element – platform this year. “We are not expecting the Triennial to be completed by this month, December. We are looking toward the early part of next year, January, February time-frame,” an FCC spokesman said Monday. The FCC is scheduled to […]

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