Death of Desktop IP Phones Looms

Long ago, many people viewed VoIP as simply a low-cost, low-quality alternative to POTS. People were prepared to accept uncertainty about connections, audible distortions and conversation-impeding delays in order to talk to people on the other side of the world via the Internet for a tiny fraction of the cost they would have paid their […]

FCC Chairman Set to Leave as Vote on Access Fees Looms

It has been about seven weeks since FCC Chairman Michael Powell informed President Bush in a letter he planned to leave the U.S. agency this month. Although rumors have been circulating in Washington, D.C. for months over potential candidates to replace Powell — including FCC Commissioner Kevin Martin and Rebecca Klein, former chairwoman of the […]

Ethernet Looms Large at CompTel/ASCENT

Ethernet is a hot topic at the show this week, with at least a handful of companies announcing new Ethernet-based services. For example, Global Crossing this week formally launched a point-to-point LAN interconnection Ethernet IP service for wholesale and business customers. The service, which is not distance-sensitive, is positioned as a private-line alternative, but is […]

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