location-based services


Apple: We Dont Track Your iPhone

The company maintains a database of Wi-Fi hotspots and cell towers around a users location, but Apple said it cannot locate a customer based on such data.

Nintendo Goes On Location With DSi

Nintendo is growing up. First, the rumor flourished of the DSi gaming device targeting the PDA market, and now it is embracing location-based services. Nintendo video game creator Shigeru Miyamoto is working to turn the company’s gaming console into a handy little device that would let the user tap into local content, such as information […]

Research: Six Revenue-Generating Services Beyond VoIP

Consumer VoIP won’t be much of a revenue-maker for operators going forward, but FMC, IP video and other IP-enabled services will—to the tune of $700 billion, in fact. That’s $700 billion to be made worldwide over the next five years, according to Insight Research. The Internet-enabled services carriers should focus on include residential video telephony; […]

Execs Explain Lightyear-Wherify Pairing

Wednesday’s announcement that Lightyear Network Solutions LLC, a reseller and facilities-based VoIP provider, would merge with Wherify Wireless Inc., a developer of wireless location solutions and services for GPS-enabled devices, raised questions about the possible synergies of this unlikely match-up. Sherm Henderson, CEO of Lightyear, told PHONE+ the pairing is “a likely match-up” when you […]

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