What’s at the End of the Pipe: A Primer

Posted: 02/1999 What’s at the End of the Pipe: A Primer By Kieren McCobb Most telecommunications services marketed by agents plug into some type of voice or data equipment, or "box." The agent who wishes to stay in business and grow needs to know and understand these systems. The following is a primer explaining the […]


Posted: 02/1999 The PICC Lost Revenue for IXCs? By Thomas K. Crowe, Esq. Recovering the primary interexchange carrier charge (PICC) from end users is becoming increasingly problematic for interexchange carriers (IXCs). Since its adoption, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has struggled to put rules in place that permit IXCs to pass the charge through to […]

IP Broadband Services Put Private Lines on Critical List

Posted: 11/1998 IP Broadband Services Put Private Lines on Critical List By Robert Rosenberg Private lines were put on the critical list in the mid-1980s when virtual private networks (VPNs) gave corporations an alternative to nailed-up circuits to tie their locations together. Commercializa-tion of the Internet in the mid-1990s breathed new life into the private-line […]

PICCs Unfairly Pick on Long Distance Resellers

Posted: 04/1998 Long distance resellers are getting clobbered by new per-line fees known as preferred interexchange carrier charges, or PICCs. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) this year instituted PICCs as an outgrowth of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. The FCC also recently decreased the amount long distance carriers must pay local exchange carriers (LECs) to […]

Resellers Left in PIC-C Dust

Posted: 04/1998 By Khali Henderson Tom Coughlin is sure he’s got a story worthy of "60 Minutes." It’s not about his Cleveland-based long distance resale company, VISTA Communications, although the entrepreneurial CEO probably wishes it was. It’s not even about the phenomenal growth of the long distance resale industry in general, although the Telecommunications Resellers […]


Posted: 10/1997 Interlopers? Shifting technological paradigms can be quite hazardous. Steam engines replacing sails, transistors usurping vacuum tubes and the development of the integrated circuit and microprocessor are examples of paradigm shifts that destroyed whole industries and replaced them. Needless to say, industry-leading companies rarely survive such shifts. It isn’t clear yet whether client-server architecture […]

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