Covad Keeps on Trucking Under Grandfather Clause

Posted: 10/2003 Covad Keeps on Trucking Under Grandfather Clause Shares of Covad Communications Co. traded at a meager 54 cents the day after the Federal Communications Commission adopted new rules threatening to limit the companys ability to provide broadband access to homes. Six months later, after receiving the written order governing those regulations, the market […]

Collateral Damage

Posted: 4/2003 Collateral Damage Line Sharing Surprising Casualty of FCC Dealmaking By Josh Long Executives at Covad Communications Co. were stunned by the Federal Communications Commission decision to eliminate line-sharing requirements, particularly since two Democrat commissioners apparently phased out the regulations in order to make a compromise in its Triennial Review order governing telephone and […]

FCC Seeks Rehearing of UNE Remand, Line-Sharing Ruling

The Federal Communications Commission ( requested Monday a rehearing of a May 24 appeals court ruling that ordered the agency to review its unbundled network element (UNE) rules and vacated its line-sharing rules. In its petition the FCC notes that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit’s decision is at odds with the […]

Business News – BellSouth to Share With NorthPoint

Posted: 08/2000 BellSouth to Share With NorthPoint BellSouth Corp. (, an Atlanta-based RBOC, has agreed to share its telephone lines with NorthPoint Communications Group Inc. (, a competing broadband services provider based in San Francisco. The lines in BellSouth’s nine-state region–Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee–could be used for […]

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