Lightyear Network Solutions


Lightyear Pushes Local Dial Tone Sales

In the era of cloud, this may seem counter-intuitive. But the CLEC says rumors of POTS’ death have been “grossly exaggerated” and it’s offering a bonus to agents.

Lightyear Reports Profit

Lightyear Network Solutions on Tuesday reported a third-quarter profit about a week after announcing an agreement that the company hopes will make its stock more favorable.

Lightyear Joins Hosted VoIP Fray

The Kentucky-based CLEC says agent compensation will depend on size and opportunity of the sale, as well as any promotions that may be in place.

Lightyear Misses Financial, Strategic Targets

As a result of failing to meet a milestone, Lightyear said it would deliver certificates representing 445,576 shares of common stock to investors no later than May 7, 2011.

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