Lightyear Network Solutions


Birch Touts Beefed-Up Portfolio

The Cbeyond, Ernest and Lightyear purchases, among others, have given the service provider more footprint and more capabilities.

Birch Talks Partner Numbers, Expanded Strategy

The company has closed the Lightyear Network Solutions and Ernest Communications transactions, and now operates with a large dealer channel and a specific new area of focus.

Birch Wraps Lightyear Buy

Lightyear, under the leadership of Sherm Henderson, had been a well-known telecom reseller since 1993.

Lightyear No More: Birch To Buy 20-Year-Old Reseller

The Kentucky-based company, founded by Sherman J. Henderson III, soon will be a name relegated to the competitive telecom history books. Read more about severance-pay plans, the impact on agents and one analyst’s thoughts on the Birch-Lightyear combination.

Lightyear Narrows Losses

Lighyear, the Louisville, Ky.-based telecom provider, expects to post a net loss from operations of between $800,000 and $1.1 million. That’s down about 70 percent from a 2010 loss of $2.9 million.

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