All Aboard!

About 450 agents boarded the Spirit of New Jersey for the after-party Thursday sponsored by XO and its top master agencies Gryphone Telecom, Intelisys, TBI, WTG, X4 and PlanetOne. The 240-foot yacht cruised the Lincoln Harbor with full views of the Brooklyn and Manhattan skylines, bridges, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. Food, libations, […]

MVNO Liberty Wireless Selects MobileSphere for Long-Distance

MobileSphere has signed an affiliate and international long-distance agreement with TelePlus Wireless Corp.s Liberty Wireless MVNO brand. The deal makes Liberty Wireless the preferred provider for MobileSpheres MobileU prepaid service and gives it access to MobileSpheres customers. It also means Liberty Wireless customers will be able to choose integrated bundles with discounted international rates. The […]

eLEC to Buy Liberty Bell Telecom

eLEC Communications Corp., the parent company of VoIP services provider, VoX Communications Corp., said today it plans to acquire Liberty Bell Telecom LLC, a Colorado CLEC founded by consumer advocate Tom Martino. Liberty Bell’s president, Jay Weber, will assume an executive management position within eLEC. Martino, meanwhile, will become an eLEC stockholder and help the […]

VoX Deploys VoIP for Liberty Bell

VoX Communications Inc., the wholesale and retail VoIP provider arm of eLEC Communications Corp., announced today at COMPTEL in Orlando that a Colorado CLEC is deploying its wholesale VoIP services. Liberty Bell Telecom will offer VoIP to residential and business customers nationwide. The changing regulatory environment encouraged us to evolve our business model into also […]

MVNOs Woo International Callers

Primus Wireless is among a growing number of mobile virtual network operators seeking to court Americans with roots outside of the United States. Formed in December, the company has introduced post-paid wireless service for Americans placing calls to India, Korea, Russia and other countries around the world. “No one has really addressed” the international calling […]

Giving Homeless a Voice (Mail)

Homeless no longer has to mean being phoneless, too. Several companies are sponsoring Denver’s new Community Voicemail Project, which gives homeless people access to free phone service and voice mail. “Having a simple phone number, something most of us take for granted, can be the key to survival and self-sufficiency for people in crisis or […]

Why MVNOs Make Sense

The mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) market is a crossroads for telecom, entertainment and other industries. The idea that a mobile phone can lead to a customer’s wallet and loyalty has a range of companies interested in the opportunity. MVNOs are more about customers, community and content than they are technology. As a result their […]

No Spectrum, No Deal: Court Puts NextWave Future InDoubt

Posted: 02/2000 No Spectrum, No Deal: Court Puts NextWave Future In Doubt By Ken Branson What had appeared originally as a boost for financially strapped NextWave Telecom Inc. ( has turned into a bust. NextWave Telecom’s problems began after it paid too much for 30 MHz spectrum. The price tag led the company to seek […]

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