Lessons From the U.S. Open

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO The outer courts have some great matches. Cheering crowds. Many languages. Tight competition. These are the hungry competitors. At Arthur Ashe Stadium on Monday night, the Williams sisters destroy their opponents quickly. In comparison, the VoIP providers and the CLECs are the competitors (at least some of them). Battling to make […]

Risk 101

AS IP TELEPHONY BECOMES the standard of communications for both business and residential users, understanding and mitigating the security risks associated with it become even more paramount. It is important to understand the various threats and how to mitigate each one. Configuration Consternation. In their default configurations, many of the IP telephony devices may have […]

Fraud Lessons

Fraud, the art of earning money through the unauthorized and often unlawful use of a system, is well known in the circuit- switched telephony business. Traditional telcos have invested heavily to detect and prevent fraud - and for the most part they have been successful. In the nascent era of VoIP, many carriers are relearning old […]

Tell ’em What They’ve Won, Bob

Renowned television personality and emcee Bob Eubanks will deliver the Channel Partners Conference & Expo keynote presentation today in Islander Room H. For four decades, Eubanks reigned supreme as the dynamic host of "The Newlywed Game," in addition to hosting or producing several other shows on all three networks. Eubanks began his broadcasting career as […]

Lessons Learned from the State "271"Process

Posted: 08/1999 Lessons Learned from the State "271" Process By Andrew O. Isar Few things are as easy as they first seem, or so the adage goes. More than three years after the Telecommunications Act of 1996 became law, no regional Bell operating company (RBOC) has entered the long distance market in its local territory. […]

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