Leaked: All-Touchscreen webOS, Pre 3 Bound for Verizon

HP has the opportunity now to make webOS into a contender, but key to that will be carrier partnerships, marketing and smart form-factor development all aspects for which these leaks provide very interesting insight.

New Holes in New Buckets

WITH THE DISAPPEARANCE of UNE-P and the movement to wireless and VoIP, many smaller carriers and resellers are switching to new product lines and technologies, and entering a growth phase. This presents challenges to those responsible for revenue assurance as the expansion means more customers, more partners and more complexity in the back office. Smaller […]

TNS Deliver Revenue Assurance

A new revenue assurance solution from Transaction Network Services’ Telecommunication Services Division (Booth 124) allows service providers to use SS7 network intelligence to prevent revenue leaks by monitoring and enforcing terms of interconnect agreements. The company says revenue leaks happen because switches are designed to process and terminate calls without regard to interconnect agreements. Intercarrier […]

Revenue Leaks Likely to Swell

Posted: 07/2002 Revenue Leaks Likely to Swell By Peter Lambert Like the consultants at TMNG Inc. (click here), back-office software provider Kabira Technologies Inc. recently has undertaken studies to identify and offer solutions to the primary sources of revenue leakage telecom and datacom service providers suffer. Based on third-party consultancy research, information from solution partners, […]

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