… On the federal criminalization of pretexting, or the act of fraudulently obtaining consumers private phone records Sales of fraudulently obtained phone records flourished because the possibility of criminal prosecution was remote. The bills unanimous support in both houses sends a strong message to data thieves this activity will not be tolerated.Rep. Lamar Smith, the […]

Boucher Predicts 55% Chance of New Telecom Laws This Session

Rep. Rick Boucher, D-Va., said this morning there is a 55 percent chance the 109th Congress will sign a new telecom bill into law before convening in the summer. If legislation does not pass, he said, at least the work were doing now is fundamentally important. Boucher serves on the House Energy and Commerce Committee […]

FCC Broadband Report Promotes Calls for Greater Penetration

The number of U.S. broadband Internet subscribers grew by 34 percent in 2004, but some policymakers fear that increase is happening too slowly. The FCC yesterday released data on high-speed Internet connections, information, which facilities-based broadband providers must supply twice a year. Even though the number of residential, business and other subscribers jumped to 37.9 […]

Ignoring Anti-Spam Laws Is Risky Business

Signed into law by President Bush in December 2003, the CAN-SPAM Act (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act of 2003) recently has been invoked in several federal and state actions brought against businesses employing commercial e-mail advertising. As these cases illustrate, the CAN-SPAM Act carries potentially serious pitfalls for businesses - including telecommunications […]

CLECs Accuse Bigger Rivals of Possibly Violating Laws to Win Lobbying War

The Bells dont hide their position that they are burdened with far too many phone and Internet rules during an era of vibrant competition. They are lobbying powerhouses before Congress, the FCC and state regulators among other government agencies to demand further deregulation of the market. But some of their rivals allege the countrys biggest […]

Online Marketing & the Law – Part II

Posted: 1/2004 Online Marketing & the Law – Part II BEST PRACTICES, PROTECTING YOUR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY By David O. Klein and John T. Um (Editor’s note: In late 2003, Congress passed federal legislation regulating unsolicited commercial e-mail. The authors of this article will present an overview of the new law in an upcoming issue of […]

Online Marketing & the Law – Part I

Posted: 12/2003 Online Marketing & the Law – Part I Understanding Disclosure, Privacy and Anti-spam Requirements By David O. Klein, Esq., and John T. Um, Esq. Until recently, effective marketing consisted of direct mail, telemarketing, and print and television advertisements. Although these advertising methods have proven effective over the years, the Internet offers a fresh, […]

Phone Companies Ask Congress to Open Antitrust Probe

Nearly two dozen telecommunications providers on Friday asked Congress to open a probe investigating whether the country’s biggest local phone companies violated antitrust laws by plotting an enormous lobbying campaign with equipment makers to deregulate the market. “Indeed, this secret campaign appears to raise fundamental issues relating to antitrust law and specifically, whether it is […]

Block or Tackle

Posted: 9/2003 Block or Tackle Congress Weighs Anti-Spam Bills By Josh Long Congress has introduced several bills to combat the deluge of spam streaming across U.S. networks. The action could help Internet service providers prevent unwanted messages from reaching their customers. Some spam experts are reticent to predict which bills (see list below) have a […]

Accounting, Patriot Laws Raise Concern for Telcos — Public and Private

Posted: 3/2003 Accounting, Patriot Laws Raise Concern for Telcos — Public and Private By Stanley M. Gorinson and Neil D. Falis Michael K. Powell, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, recently signaled the commission’s intent to relax existing regulations, making it easier for telecommunications companies to expand. For example, Powell has made clear his desire […]

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