Larry Lannon


The Mobile World: Extend the Borders!

The tech world long has been defined by borders, like the border between telecom and IT, or mobile and fixed. Or the customer border. That world is vanishing quickly.

Hot Channel Programming Monday in Las Vegas

Mondays programming is as hot as any programming during the week, and the programming for the conference as a whole is hotter than any previous Channel Partners conference   as hot as Vegas itself. Embrace the heat!

Jump Into The Channel Partners Experience

Channel Partners features equally great networking opportunities, both formal and informal, around the coffee pot in the morning, in the hallways, in the sessions, in the many private meeting rooms, and in the pre-conference workshops.

Take Advantage of The Most Powerful Channel Partners Expo Ever

Face-to-face communication is the soul of the channel, even in this digital era, when so much important work is done over the Internet or the wireless device. Important business is done nose to nose. You can take advantage of that in the expo hall.

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