Recapturing Lost Value

Posted: 08/1999 Recapturing Lost Value By Casey Freymuth Industry forecasts rarely provide third-, fourth- and fifth-tier long distance service providers with much to smile about. Shrinking margins, bundling woes (such as anemic local and wireless resale markets) and the inevitable entry of the Bells into the long distance market have done little to lift the […]

AT&T Unveils Wholesale ISP Services

Posted: 06/1999 AT&T Unveils Wholesale ISP Services By Khali Henderson With the launch of its portfolio of private-label services for Internet services, AT&T Corp. joins a host of carriers that have announced wholesale Internet products in competition with large Internet service providers (ISPs), such as PSI Net and UUNet, in recent months. In February, Frontier […]

Long Distance Peddlers No More–Part Two

Posted: 04/1999 Long Distance Peddlers No More–Part Two By Kieren McCobb Whether you decide to target commercial accounts, residential accounts, or both, you need to get used to the idea that you must sell. That said, marketing to residential accounts and commercial accounts are very different arts. Survival of long distance sales agents hinges on […]

Special Access

Posted: 06/1998 Special Access IXCs Seek CLECs for Local Connections By Ken Branson Long distance and local exchange companies one day may be integrated communications providers. But for now, they still operate in an environment that resembles the regulated-monopoly environment of the past. For example, long distance companies still typically purchase local network access, or […]

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