Lifesize Cloud Debuts

Logitech’s Lifesize is out with what it calls the first and only service to provide a connected experience to anyone using smartphones, tablets, laptops and conference rooms.

Blue Light Dilemma

Blue light during working hours is very beneficial. However, as more people peruse email, texts and Facebook prior to going to bed, blue light is affecting their ability to sleep well.

Tandberg Takes Telepresence Mobile

Road warriors can now hook into corporate high-def videoconferences thanks to Tandberg’s release of Movi, which will bring video over broadband to hotel rooms, airport lounges or wherever a laptop has access to broadband. Movi is a video solution that connects laptops to existing high-definition standards-based videoconferencing systems and telepresence suites. It’s meant to be […]

Best Buy Thinks Outside the Box With Mobile Life Stores

Consumer spending may be flat or declining but Best Buy is hoping to combat that by purpose-building stores to focus on one of the more stable areas in our mixed-up economy: wireless. This week the retailer said it would build Mobile Life Stores, starting in Chicago, Minneapolis and Washington, D.C. These will be larger than […]

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