Lead Users to the Wireless Promised Land

Best-in-class organizations have two times less staff than other organizations to manage the wireless device lifecycle, according to a recent study by Aberdeen Group. The research firm says the discrepancy is because those companies have well-documented wireless policies to ensure accountability and compliance. Could it be that they also have access to better resources such […]

SRP Telecom Considers Phoenix Attractive Business Continuity Site

SRP Telecom (Booth 1015) says it is seeing an increase in demand for the dark fiber and related power solutions it offers to service providers in Phoenix. Given Phoenix is well outside of earthquake and hurricane zones, its a pretty nice place to locate backup data and other telecommunications facilities like call centers, David Keough, […]

Carrier Channel: Carriers Agree to Settlement in Rights-of-Way Land Disputes

Posted: 9/2003 Carriers Agree to Settlement in Rights-of-Way Land Disputes By Josh Long A judge has granted preliminary approval of a settlement agreement in a class-action lawsuit charging four telecommunications carriers with laying fiber cables on rights of way controlled by railroads without getting the permission of the adjacent landowners. Up to 360,000 plaintiffs are […]

Soap Box – Days of Reckoning for Telecoms May Lead VoIP Carriers to Promised Land

Posted: 12/2001 Soap Box Days of Reckoning for Telecoms May Lead VoIP Carriers to Promised Land By Eric Weiss Eric Weiss Voice over the Internet is enjoying new found respectability because it addresses the top three concerns of wholesale carriers today — profitability, quality and credit. Despite falling margins and a capital market that has […]


Walled In: Why IP Voice Is Held Captive (And, What Carriers, Vendors Are Doing to Set it Free) By Charlotte Wolter IP voice carriers face towering barriers between their networks, but a few chinks may be starting to appear in those walls. Identity Crisis: Should You Be A Reseller Or Distributor? By Neil S. Ende […]

Rights-of-Way Rifts Sidetrack Long DistanceCarriers

Posted: 09/1999 Rights-of-Way Rifts Sidetrack Long Distance Carriers By Kim Sunderland Abandoned railroad right-of-way property has put the nation’s largest long distance carriers on a fast track to the courthouse steps in an issue that’s gaining speed and notoriety throughout the country. In a nutshell, several interexchange carriers (IXCs) are up the creek for laying […]

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