Skype: Massive Restarts Cause Outage

Skype said Monday the cause of a two-day service outage was caused by an unusually high number of restarts by users who had downloaded a Microsoft Windows security patch. The Internet phone company said on its Web site that the restarts combined with the lack of peer-to-peer network resources, prompted a chain reaction that had […]

Compensating for Change

With increasing portfolio complexity and a wide range of customer targets, resellers, master agents and service providers are wrestling with how to realign their indirect and direct sales channels to overcome a stagnate reality: Too many salespeople are unfocused, chasing the opportune sales instead of pursuing more difficult, highmargin prospects. Fortunately, theres hope. Companies can […]

Wireless Internet an Information Service, FCC Says

As expected, the FCC has classified wireless Internet access as an information service. This frees providers from the regulations such as E911 or USF contributions that pertain to telecommunications services. The FCC has steadily deregulated communications services including cable modem, DSL and BPL over the past two years. The commission unanimously approved the classification on […]

Telecom Rewrite Unlikely to Reach Congress Before Elections

The telecom rewrite bill spearheaded by Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, likely will not come to a vote before the November elections, Stevens told attendees of a Progress & Freedom Foundation event on Thursday. Stevens reportedly told members of the press he is a few votes shy of the 60 votes needed to bring the bill […]

THE LETTER: Bandwidth Trading at a Crossroads

Posted: 1/2002 The Letter Bandwidth Trading at a Crossroads In editing this magazine over the years, one of my favorite beats has been bandwidth trading. I don’t know if I feel this affinity because I have been covering its evolution from the beginning, or because it seemed to represent a truly revolutionary step in the […]

E-Channel – Lack of Tools, Strategy Hampers e-Business Web Efforts

Posted: 04/2001 E-Channel Lack of Tools, Strategy Hampers e-Business Web Efforts By Becky Bracken Wide variations in adoption and implementation of e-business strategies are typical in any industry, but they are even more noticeable within the conservative telecommunications sector. There are communications service providers that have been early adopters of complex Internet functionalities like electronic […]

DSL Promises Still May Be Kept

Posted: 11/2000 DSL Promises Still May Be Kept We are hearing it repeatedly. DSL may not be the be-all, end-all for faster service. The promises during the past few years of meeting the need for speed among Internet users have failed, because in most instances DSL has not been provisioned. While carriers continue to say […]

Telecoms Lack a Winning Strategy

Posted: 10/2000 Telecoms Lack a Winning Strategy Richard Ellenberger My youngest daughter grew up playing soccer, so I can truly say there is no experience quite like watching a youth soccer game–20 enthusiastic, energetic, but unfocused kids, all arms and legs, chasing the ball around the field.What distinguishes this game from the one played by […]


Walled In: Why IP Voice Is Held Captive (And, What Carriers, Vendors Are Doing to Set it Free) By Charlotte Wolter IP voice carriers face towering barriers between their networks, but a few chinks may be starting to appear in those walls. Identity Crisis: Should You Be A Reseller Or Distributor? By Neil S. Ende […]

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