Improving the Health of Resellers: It Takes an Industry

To put a new spin on an old adage, when IT resellers sneeze, the entire channel catches a cold. And right now partners are reaching for the tissues, cold remedies and chicken soup. Channel partners who thrived during the 1990s boom and survived the bursting of the dot-com bubble today are doing business in a […]

Firewalls, Schmirewalls

Posted: 10/2003 Firewalls, Schmirewalls You Can Provide VoIP Services to Security-Conscious Customers Using Network-Boundary Solutions By Dan Freedman As anyone who has ever put together a voiceover- IP (VoIP) network involving a firewall can tell you, firewalls and VoIP dont mix very well at all. In fact, most VoIP communications will stop dead at the […]

Overcoming the Six Unders of Ill-Equipped Sales Forces

Posted: 7/2003 Overcoming the Six Unders of Ill-Equipped Sales Forces By Michael Heflin The ill-equipped sales force suffers some typical symptoms: a few salespeople drive a large portion of the revenue while the majority of salespeople have average or below average performance. Worse than the 80/20 rule (i.e., Paretos principle), in my experience it is […]

Partner Channel: Venicom Beams Up Success with Data Focus

Posted: 1/2002 Partner Channel Venicom Beams Up Success with Data Focus By Tara Seals Venicom’s Scottsdale, Ariz. office is one of six. President and CEO Rob Goble says the company succeeds because agents do what they’re supposed to– sales and marketing. Venicom Inc. launched its trek through the universe of telecom in 1999 by catering […]

Wowing the Customer

Posted: 01/2001 Wowing the Customer Contact Center Needs to Leave Lasting Good Impression By Roberta Tamburrino After the Telecommunications Act of 1996 passed, the seeds of a service revolution were planted in the new marketplace. The fruits of those seeds were supposed to be that customers no longer would wait on hold endlessly to speak […]

Outsourcing Receivables Management

Posted: 11/1999 Outsourcing Receivables Management By Keith Shaver and Brian Briggs To survive and flourish, service providers mustfocus on aggressive receivables management that helps the organization maximize customer profitability. It’s no secret that competition has transformed the telecommunications industry, stimulating dramatic growth, innovation and the emergence of many new players–even industry categories–that did not exist […]

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