Data Services Demand Solution Selling

Posted: 02/2000 Data Services Demand Solution Selling By Jill Collins As the confluence of voice and data drives the telecommunications market to new heights, it has become apparent that selling data products and services is not the wave of the future for agents. It is here and now. "If ever there is a window of […]

The Art of Cost Management

Posted: 01/2000 The Art of Cost Management By Faye F. Henris  The past decade in the telecommunications industry has been like none other. Dramatic alterations to the regulatory and technological landscapes have paved the way for increased competition and the introduction of new products and services in every carrier category. The collective challenges may be […]

Santa’s Not Real

Posted: 12/1999 Santa’s Not Real When my kids ask me if Santa Claus is real, I’m afraid I’ll be able to say, "No," and without reservation. It seems the roly-poly, red velvet-clad, bearded icon of my youth has left physical comforts of the North Pole for good to take up residence in the circuitry that […]

Know Thine Enemy; Know Thyself

Posted: 08/1999 Know Thine Enemy; Know Thyself By Arik R. Johnson Benchmarking is best described, and explored, as a framework for competitive strategic planning. Once the areas of the company to be studied have been identified, metrics can be applied to the key success factors of the industry or marketplace. Everybody remembers when WorldCom Inc. […]

Resale Channel: Stop Gold from Turning to Straw

Posted: 06/1999 Stop Gold from Turning to Straw By Eileen M. McGervey You’ve sold the accounts and signed up the customers. Watch the money roll in. But wait, it’s not as much as you thought. Maybe next month? It’s still not there. Sometimes it’s not the sale, it’s the post-sale. So before you start blaming […]

Mixed Messages

Posted: 06/1999 Mixed Messages State Anti-Slamming Rules Conflict with FCC Order By James Veilleux The anti-slamming rules issued by the Federal Communi-cations Commission (FCC) are by no means the last word. State rules still apply. At least 38 states have rules against slamming, and at least 20 states’ rules are significantly different from the FCC’s. […]

Know Thine Enemy

Posted: 11/1998 Know Thine Enemy Intelligence Techniques Arm Carriers Against Subscription Fraudsters By Mario McCash James Bauer, deputy assistant director for the U.S. Secret Service Office of Investigations, testified in April before a Congressional subcommittee that all kinds of important personal information stored in computers, including driver’s license and Social Security numbers, are accessible and […]

The Agent-LEC Relationship

Posted: 05/1998 The Agent-LEC Relationship Dream Date or Ongoing Nightmare? By Kieren J. McCobb While trading war stories at the AgENt Trade Fair in Houston at the end of February, I somehow got involved in a conversation with another agent regarding local exchange carriers (LECs). After dramatically closing his eyes and nodding his head from […]


Posted: 04/1998 GUEST EDITORIAL By Robert M. McDowell, ESQ. It was a drizzly February morning when I arrived at work to be greeted by a Washington-style rumor more chilling than the mid-winter weather. Phone calls were abuzz with whispers laden with sincere anxiety: Bell Atlantic Corp./NYNEX was in "secret" negotiations with the Federal Communications Commission […]

The Final Chapter

Posted: 03/1998 By Dan Baldwin The Final Chapter In the November issue of PHONE+ we began a three-part series on what you can do when one of the Big Three beats your price in a deal you thought you had closed. This month’s column is the final chapter, and the information comes from an actual […]

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